I.O.I Reportedly Reuniting With 9 Members

According to an exclusive report by Sports Donga, I.O.I will be reuniting with nine members!

The 11-member project girl group debuted after the first season of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” and after promoting for one year, disbanded in January 2017.

According to members’ agencies and various industry sources on June 12, after extensive discussion over a long period of time, the group has agreed to get back together.

Participating in the reunion will be nine members: Kim Sejeong, Choi Yoojung, Chungha, Kim Sohye, Kyulkyung, Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Doyeon, Kang Mina, and Nayoung. According to the report, Jeon Somi and Yoo Yeonjung will not be joining. Jeon Somi turned down participation due to her upcoming solo debut, and Yoo Yeonjung also recently began promotions with WJSN.

Specifics for the reunion, including timing and duration, have yet to be determined.

The members’ agencies have been discussing a reunion from the beginning of this year, according to the Sports Donga report. However, due to the various members’ activities, it has been difficult to arrange. In the end, the reports states, the strength of the group’s fandom is what brought reunion discussions this far.

A source from one member’s agency said, “We will be meeting soon to confirm specifics about an album release, concert, and other details. The fans are very much looking forward to I.O.I, and even if the reunion is a one-off, the members want to do it.”


According to a new report, Yoo Yeonjung expressed in April that she would not be joining, while Jeon Somi’s side said that it would be difficult. However, after continued persuasion, they are reportedly reviewing the reunion once again. With regards to this, CJ ENM simply stated that they are looking into the news.

In further response to the recent reports, News1 quoted a source from I.O.I’s side who said, “Though it is true that we have been discussing a reunion, nothing has been decided yet.”

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