9 K-Pop Songs That Took Years To Be Officially Released

While a countless amount of songs are being produced each and every day, it’s not an easy process for a song to be released officially. In order for a song to be released and have a chance at being successful, it has to find the right owner and the right timing. Some songs are lucky enough to go through the process overnight, but some songs have to literally wait a decade.

With that being said, here are nine K-pop songs that took at least two years since being written to be officially released.

1. “Produce 101” Season 2 – “It’s Me (Pick Me)”

Ryan Jhun is the producer behind this famous “Produce 101” theme song “It’s Me (Pick Me).” He also produced a number of hit K-pop tracks including EXO’s “Love Me Right, “Taeyeon’s “I,” Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb,” and SHINee’s “View.” According to Ryan Jhun, he produced the “Produce 101” theme song around the same time as SHINee’s “Lucifer.” He stated in an interview, “‘It’s Me’ is one of the songs I produced when I was still an aspiring producer 10 years ago. The original title of the track was ‘Moonlight,’ but PD Ahn Jun Young [of ‘Produce 101’] suggested that we should change it.”

2. BTOB Blue – “When It Rains”

The song was written by Hyunsik four years before it was officially released in August 2018. During an episode of BTOB’s “The Beat” series in 2015, the group’s leader Seo Eunkwang was spotted singing the song along with the lyrics, “when it rains.” In 2017, Hyunsik also addressed the track himself while communicating with fans on social media and said, “Don’t you guys all know the song ‘When It Rains’? We will try to release the track next year if an opportunity presents itself.”

3. MAMAMOO, Bumkey – “Don’t Be Happy”

This song was originally produced by Esna, who is also responsible for producing Wheesung and Gummy’s collaboration “Special Love.” While it was produced as an acoustic song, producer Kim Do Hun added a bit of jazz to the song, and it was finally released as a collaboration between MAMAMOO and Bumkey after two years in 2014.

4. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon – “Untitled, 2014”

It is reported that G-Dragon recorded the song back in 2014, three years before the track was officially released as part of his solo album “Kwon Ji Yong” in June 2017. While many fans suspect that G-Dragon included the number 2014 in the title to represent his birthday (If you add the year, month, and day of G-Dragon’s birthday together, you get 2014), it actually represents the year that the song was recorded.

5. Oh My Girl BANHANA – “Banana Allergy Monkey”

During a radio show, the members of Oh My Girl BANHANA revealed that the track was made 10 years before the group released it in 2018. According to the members, a producer at their agency had produced the track a long time ago, but wasn’t able to find the right group to give it to, until they met the Oh My Girl BANHANA members.

6. INFINITE – “Pray (Maetel’s Sorrow)”

This track was released as part of INFINITE’s third studio album “Top Seed.” During a press conference for the release of the album, INFINITE revealed that this particular b-side track was recorded seven years ago. Sungyeol stated, “We’ve been preparing this song since seven years ago. While the rest of the members recently re-recorded the track, the voices of Sunggyu and Sungjong remain the same from seven years ago.”

7. Girls’ Generation  – “Dancing Queen”

Girls’ Generation had already recorded and even filmed a music video for “Dancing Queen” in 2008 as a comeback song. The track remained hidden for four years until it was released as a pre-release song of the group’s fourth studio album “I Got a Boy” in January 2013.

8. EXO – “El Dorado”

Fans were first introduced to “El Dorado” in 2012 through a debut teaser that introduced Chanyeol to fans for the first time. The track was finally released three years later as part of the group’s second album “Exodus” in 2015.

9. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – “My Thoughts, Your Memories”

Kyuhyun revealed that he composed this track when he was suddenly in the mood to write songs after consuming alcohol. Afterwards, he partnered up with his labelmate TVXQ’s Changmin to write the lyrics for the song. Three years later, the track was released as part of Kyuhyun’s first solo mini album “At Gwanghwamun” in 2014.

Do you know any other songs that took a long time to be officially released? Let us know in the comments below!

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