Jo Min Ah Opens Up About Having Raynaud's Disease And Lupus + Addresses Malicious Commenters

Former Jewelry member Jo Min Ah has opened up about her health and addressed those who are leaving malicious comments.

Previously on June 13, Jo Min Ah shared that a breast ultrasound revealed minute calcification. She had been suffering from numbness as well as cold hands and feet, and she was eventually taken to the hospital after losing consciousness from hyperventilation. After receiving tests, she was diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease.

On June 14, Jo Min Ah posted on her Instagram to share the state of her condition.

Her full post reads:

I’ve received great strength through support from so many people. Thank you.

According to the disease classification system, I tested positive for the rare and difficult to cure disease lupus, so I had additional tests done.

All the while, there were those with little dignity that left malicious comments laughing and saying Raynaud’s is common. Why are you living like this? Making life such a waste.

I’m taking screenshots to report and deleting all the nonsense comments left by people who just had to come find my blog and Instagram, so please don’t come and and dirty my personal area. Come to your senses and live life diligently.

While you people are insulting people behind their backs, I’m working hard for myself to restore my health.

As you can see, I’ll become even stronger and brighter like myself, so please don’t live life so embarrassingly. You poor people who are not even worthy of being addressed are more pitiful than me who is sick.

Along with the post, she used the hashtags “Life that you only live once,” “Let’s become healthy” and “inner peace.”

Raynaud’s disease causes people to feel numb and cold in some areas of their bodies in response to cold temperatures or stress. Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs.

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