IZ*ONE’s Agency Warns Against Violations Of Members’ Privacy And Safety

IZ*ONE’s agency has shared a firm warning against actions that threaten the safety and violate the privacy of the members.

On June 17, Off The Record Entertainment posted the following statement:


This is Off The Record Entertainment.

First of all, we thank the fans who show lots of interest and love for IZ*ONE.

This is an announcement regarding ongoing problems with disorder at the airport and violation of privacy of the IZ*ONE members.

[Regarding disorder at the airport]

  1. Filming the artists from close-up, attempting physical contact or conversation, and other actions that can cause trouble in the way of other travelers when at the airport for departure and arrival within and outside of Korea
  2. Taking photos or videos on the airplane, in duty free shops, lounges, immigration inspection, all security points and gates of the airport, baggage claim, etc.
  3. Using inappropriate language or acts that can cause harm to the artists along with the agency staff, local staff, and security guard team
  4. Giving gifts or letters to the artists inside the airport

[Regarding privacy]

  1. Wandering around the dorm or hotel to wait for or follow the artists
  2. Asking about the location of the artist’s dorm through the building’s security office, etc.
  3. Secretly taking photos or videos and requesting photos or videos from artists near the dorm or hotel

The artists feel threat to their safety due to the actions notified above, and they have been experiencing mental and physical distress as a result. When violations are found following this notice, actions including confiscation of cameras and deletion of data will be taken, and we will not take responsibility for equipment damage or loss that occur in the process.

We ask for the active cooperation of fans so that there are no problems regarding disorder at the airport or violation of privacy.

Thank you.

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