Watch: Park Seo Joon Grapples With Beliefs And Evil In

A thrilling new trailer has been revealed for the film “The Divine Fury.”

The movie stars Park Seo Joon as champion fighter Yong Hoo, who must team up with Father Ahn, an exorcist from the Vatican (played by Ahn Sung Ki), to fight against evil forces that are trying to disrupt the world.

Yong Hoo is first shown in the ring, and he becomes furious when he sees a crucifix tattoo on an opponent’s back. “Seeing a cross has always made me angry,” he’s heard saying, and red lights then enter his eyes as he shakes with emotion. “Because when my father passed away, God didn’t do anything.”

In another scene, he groans in bed and appears to be struck by a mysterious figure that is only seen in a shadow. He wakes to find a bloody wound on his palm. However, a doctor is then shown saying, “To be honest, you’re much healthier than the norm.”

In a daze, Park Seo Joon confronts a woman with white eyes and asks her, “But why is this happening?” As in the previous trailer, Yong Hoo is given directions to someone who can help him. He finds Father Ahn and helps him to exorcize evil with his mysterious new power. Yong Hoo furiously questions how this could be happening when he doesn’t even believe in it.

Woo Do Hwan‘s character Ji Shin is introduced as the ‘Black Bishop’ who sees through others’ weaknesses and spreads evil. A caption asks, “Will you stand with evil or stand against evil?”

Amid thrilling scenes of action and drama, Park Seo Joon stands at the front of a church and yells at God, “Why are you staying still? Why aren’t you doing anything?!”

Watch the video below!

“The Divine Fury” hits theaters in Korea in July.

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