Update: GFRIEND Shares Sneak Peek At Their New Mini Album “Fever Season”

Updated June 30 KST: 

GFRIEND has dropped the highlight medley for their upcoming EP “Fever Season!”

Updated June 29 KST:

GFRIEND has shared their second full group MV teaser for “Fever,” as well as a photo from the MV!

Updated June 28 KST:

GFRIEND revealed Eunha’s MV teaser for “Fever”!

Updated June 27 KST:

GFRIEND shared Yuju’s teaser for their comeback!

Updated June 26 KST:

GFRIEND released Umji’s “Fever Season” teaser clip!

Updated June 25 KST: 

GFRIEND has shared Sowon’s teaser clip for “Fever Season”!

Updated June 24 KST:

GFRIEND has shared SinB’s teaser clip for “Fever Season”!

Updated June 23 KST:

GFRIEND has unveiled a new teaser for “Fever Season” starring Yerin!

Updated June 22 KST:

GFRIEND shared more group teasers for “Fever Season”!

Updated June 21 KST:

GFRIEND revealed new teaser photos for “Fever Season”!

Updated June 20 KST:

GFRIEND shared their first MV teaser for “Fever”!

Updated June 19 KST:

GFRIEND released the track list for “Fever Season”! It will feature the title track “Fever” by the producing team OREO’s Iggy, C-No, and Woong Kim. This is the same producer Iggy of the duo Iggy Yongbae who has created many of GFRIEND’s title tracks in the past.

The mini album also includes the song “Hope” with lyrics that the six members co-wrote with Lee Won Jong.

Original Article:

GFRIEND shared their first teaser photos for “Fever Season”!

The girl group will be making their return on July 1 with their seventh mini album. They’ve now shared a batch of teasers including an image and a moving teaser for each member and the group.

GFRIEND shows off a cool and striking concept in this glimpse of their return, with the motion teasers featuring the members giving arresting stares. Check them out below!

The group also recently shared logo teasers as they get ready for their comeback.

This will be GFRIEND’s first comeback in six months after their second full album “Time for Us” was shared in January.

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