13 Soothing K-Pop Songs To Put On Your Chill Playlist

There is something about music that is quite therapeutic, as it speaks to us through its melodies and lyrics in a way that heals souls and mends hearts. When we’re not particularly in a festive mood to blast and jam to upbeat tracks, our go-to pick is a chill playlist to help us relax during our moments of reflection.

Here are 13 soothing K-pop songs to unwind to during your solo time.

1. NCT 127 – “Jet Lag”

With its hypnotizing finger snapping that harmoniously ushers the soft mid-tempo beat and its dreamlike delivery, this song is your best choice to take comfort in if you’re longing for someone who’s living far away from you.

2. Jeon Somi – “Outta My Head”

When you’re feeling suffocated and looking to take your mind off of a past relationship, this slow R&B song alongside its dulcet sounds and uplifting lyrics, written by Somi herself, might give you the inner peace you’re looking for.

3. TXT – “Nap Of A Star”

Concluding the group’s debut EP with an escalating melancholic tune that gives goosebumps with every listen, this chilling ballad is all the solace you need when you’re missing a close friend who has always been there for you.

4. (G)I-DLE – “Blow Your Mind”

This funky release, with its mellifluous range of vocals and rap flow, is ideal to help you get immersed in your emotions as you contemplate your feelings for a crush or your significant other.

5. NU’EST – “A Song For You”

Serving as a token of gratitude, one listen of this euphonious rendition, which presents a set of mesmerizing vocals that convey utmost sincerity through heartfelt lyrics, has the ability to draw a smile on your face.

6. Lee Hi – “20 min”

In her self-composed piece, Lee Hi lends her soulful voice to a melodious and steady beat to give you all the reassurance you need if you ever go through a bad breakup and wish to overcome it by listening to music.

7. BTS – “Make It Right”

This groovy sound can take you places as the members eloquently ride the beat in a smooth and tuneful manner. You could play this alluring track non-stop and simply lose yourself in its charismatic aura.

8. EXID – “Midnight”

The enchanting vocals that accompany this vibrant instrumental makes “Midnight” a stunning melody that can calm you in its own way while you take a leisurely night walk in the park.

9. ATEEZ – “Light”

Break free from the gloominess that surrounds you by lighting up your playlist with this uplifting track, which introduces a laid back beat that gradually heightens, while the line distribution maintains their original serene vibes.

10. Park Bom feat. MAMAMOO’s Wheein – “4:44”

When two vocal powerhouses meet, we end up with a collaboration that is simply formidable. Park Bom’s raspy voice and Wheein’s suave feature merge into a refined sound that can serenade you through the night.

11. Chen – “Flower”

This sweet-sounding ballad is heavily embedded with emotions that shape themselves through the warm tune. The latter would either make you embrace your idleness or chase it away as you let yourself wander in this artistic piece.

12. Apink – “Memories”

Gracing us with ethereal music, the sixtet form an angelic choir with their vocals fusing into one polished act. Allow yourself to immerse in this marvellous sound as you take a lengthy trip down memory lane.

13. Epik High – “Lullaby For A Cat”

This song completely turned heads with its remarkable effect on felines that snooze the moment the mellow symphony starts playing. So if you’re struggling to get a good night of sleep, play this lullaby on repeat. If it works on cats, why not on you?

Which K-pop song do you put on your chill playlist? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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