8 K-Drama Couples That Have An Adorable Height Difference

Sometimes, having a height difference makes all the difference. Every K-drama couple is attractive (it’s in the job description) and plenty of them have amazing chemistry. But when there’s a big difference in the couple’s heights, it’s a cute visual touch that really *cough* heightens the romance.

Of course, height difference makes for great kiss scenes. Scientific explanation: something to do with tippy-toes and craning necks. But it can also make for great character moments, like when a pint-sized heroine proves she’s more of a badass than her gangly hero, or when a giant’s giant ego gets brought down to size by his smaller, better half. Here are nine couples who always make us smile when they try to look each other in the eye.

1. Kim Seul Gi and Yoon Doo Joon in “Splash Splash LOVE”


This mini-drama gets a mini-heroine in the form of Kim Seul Gi, who stands just 158 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 2 inches) tall. In “Splash Splash Love,” she’s just the right size to fall into a puddle and end up in the Joseon Era, where she’s mistaken for a eunuch by the king, played by the 179 centimeter-tall (approximately 5 feet 9 inches) Yoon Doo Joon. It’s a short and sweet story of not-quite-bromance turning to romance, made all the cuter thanks to the height difference of 20 centimeters (approximately 8 inches) between the leads.


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2. Song Ha Yoon and Choi Jin Hyuk in “Devilish Joy”


When our leads first meet in “Devilish Joy,” it feels like love’s young dream as they share a magical first day together. But things are going far too well. Of course, we have to throw in a Truck of Doom, a sudden case of amnesia and a random murder! It all serves to keep Song Ha Yoon and Choi Jin Hyuk apart for way too long, but it’s oh-so-rewarding when they finally reunite and he, towering at 186 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 1 inch) swoops her, tiny at 160 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 3 inches), into his welcoming arms.


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3. Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk in “Radiant”


At 188 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 2 inches), Nam Joo Hyuk usually looks tall compared to any female lead. In “Radiant,” the contrast is heightened as he plays opposite Han Ji Min, who, at 160 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 3 inches) is 28 centimeters (approximately 11 inches) shorter. Their height difference is complemented by their age difference, which is 12 years in real life but at times is significantly greater in the world of the drama. What follows is a hauntingly lovely tale that explores what it means to truly live, despite appearances.


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4. Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang in “Clean with Passion for Now”


Yoon Kyun Sang is 191 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 3 inches) tall, while Kim Yoo Jung is just 161 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 3 inches), which means there are a whole 30 centimeters (approximately 1 foot) between them! In “Clean with Passion for Now,” one of them is an obsessive germaphobe who can’t abide uncleanliness while the other is a self-admitted slob with a hygiene problem. Romance tropes would tell us it’s the big guy who’s the slob and the little woman who’s the neat freak, but this drama works so well because those stereotypes couldn’t be more wrong.


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5. Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo in “Queen In Hyun’s Man”


Sometimes the hotness of a height difference is so great that the romance doesn’t stop when a drama ends. We’re not saying it’s height difference alone that made Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo fall in love in real life, but it had to help a little, right? She’s 165 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 5 inches) and he’s 185 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 1 inch) tall, which allowed for some super cute moments in “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” like when they dance together and she stands on his feet. How can you not fall for someone when they’re literally twirling you around like a princess?


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6. Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon in “Fight My Way”


Park Seo Joon gets a lot of praise around Dramaland for his well-balanced proportions, which are on full display in “Fight My Way,” where he plays an MMA fighter. His 185 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 1 inch) frame is physically imposing, almost fooling you into forgetting he’s a total softie underneath it all. Kim Ji Won looks small by comparison, at 164 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 5 inches), but she’s tougher than she appears, which adds a level of balance to this romance that makes us love it all the more.


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7. Jang Nara and Shin Sung Rok in “The Last Empress”


These two aren’t exactly a leading couple, but enough of us shipped it in “The Last Empress” that they still count. Shin Sung Rok is 187 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 2 inches) tall, while Jang Nara is just 160 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 3 inches), which adds an extra layer of drama to their more-stormy-than-sunny relationship. Over time, Jang Nara casts aside her sugar-sweet image from the drama’s first episodes, proving herself a worthy match for Shin Sung Rok’s outsized villainy, even when he towers 27 centimeters (approximately 11 inches) above.


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8. Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop in “Abyss”


These two have been burning up our screens this summer in “Abyss,” a drama that gets a little crazier with every episode. What’s funny is that they start out as a short, not-so-handsome dude and a tall, stunning woman. But then fate (or some weird glowing ball from outer space) does its thing, and suddenly he’s a tall drink of water Ahn Hyo Seop (187 centimeters/approximately 6 feet 1 inch) and she’s tiny, adorable Park Bo Young (158 centimeters/approximately 5 feet 2 inches). It’s a unique chance to see just how much of a difference height difference can make!


Which couple’s height difference is the most adorable? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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