Jung Kyung Ho And Park Sung Woong Reunite In 1st Look At Upcoming Drama

On June 20, tvN’s newest Wednesday-Thursday drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name” released the first still cuts of its main characters, played by Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong. After previously appearing together in drama “Life on Mars,” the pair have come back with a new image and new bromance.

“When the Devil Calls Your Name” is a comedic fantasy drama about star songwriter Ha Rip (Jung Kyung Ho) who sells his soul to the devil Ryu. As the end of his contract nears, Ha Rip plays the game of a lifetime with the devil as he attempts to keep his soul. After discovering that his wealth and success were obtained by stealing the talent and life of a young girl, Ha Rip sets out to restore his own life, as well as the lives of those around him. With inspiration from the legendary German classic “Faust,” this drama aims to mix fantasy with real-life issues in a never-before-seen manner.

The biggest cause of expectation for this drama is the return of duo Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong. The two have been picked as the drama’s focal point, with their deeper chemistry and transformed acting.

In the released photos, both Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong present a completely new vibe.

Jung Kyung Ho as Ha Rip, the star songwriter who sold his soul to the devil, looks both dignified and nonchalant. Even though he is just sitting in the studio, he exudes the professionalism of a hit songwriter. However, his secret is that his success is all from his exchange with the devil. Jung Kyung Ho’s consistent transformations through all of his productions allow viewers to look forward to how he portrays his character’s dangerous trade-off.

On the other hand, Park Sung Woong charismatically gives off very dark vibes from head to toe. Park Sung Woong plays Mo Tae Gang, a top actor who is possessed by the devil Ryu. Despite his cutting gaze, devil Ryu is able to hide behind the mask of Mo Tae Gang, as depicted by the contrast of dark and light on his face and in the room.

As best friends in real life, viewers are already looking forward to their incomparable chemistry with their exciting relationship.

Regarding the drama, Jung Kyung Ho shared, “As this drama focuses on souls, there is music involved. As soon as I was casted, I prepared by consistently receiving guitar and vocal lessons.” On acting with Park Sung Woong, he added, “In our previous work, if we showed a relationship as one team, like thread and a needle, this new production will show our new business-like relationship where we try to gain from one another through exchanges and transactions.”

For his reasoning as to why he picked this drama, Park Sung Woong said the refreshing script and character. He added, “The concept of the devil, with humans and their souls, can be an extremely dark and heavy topic, but this drama incorporates a humorous aspect. Also, I wanted to try the charming character of Mo Tae Gang, who has many different sides, including a cutie-devil.” He also emphasized his relationship with Jung Kyung Ho, saying, “Mo Tae Gang and Ha Rip have a completely different relationship than the one we had in ‘Life on Mars.’ Even though I’m the devil, there are times where I appear weaker in our transactional relationship. I thought that twist was fun and interesting. With Jung Kyung Ho, we know what the other wants without even speaking. Although the show is different, our chemistry remains the same. Please look forward to it.”

Song Kang, who previously garnered attention for his appearance on “Village Survival, The Eight,” was also recently confirmed to be joining the drama.

“When the Devil Calls Your Name” will air on July 31 after the end of “Search: WWW.”

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