OCN released a character chart and new teaser for the upcoming drama “Watcher”!

“Watcher” will follow the story of Do Chi Kwang (Han Suk Kyu), a police officer who witnesses corruption, Kim Young Goon (Seo Kang Joon), a police officer who witnesses a murder, and Han Tae Joo (Kim Hyun Joo), a lawyer who witnesses a lie. They will team up to form the anti-corruption team that tries to uncover corruption within the police force and find out the hidden evils of the system.

The character chart shows the heads of Seyang Provincial Police Agency are commissioner Yeom Dong Sook (Kim Soo Jin) and deputy commissioner Park Jin Woo (Joo Jin Moo). Inspection Class 4 is made up of police officer Jo Soo Yeon (Park Joo Hee) and Do Chi Kwang, the head of the team. Do Chi Kwang’s former co-worker is Jang Hae Ryong (Heo Sung Tae), who also happens to be a suspicious target of the police.

Then there are lawyer Han Tae Joo and police officer Kim Young Goon, who are the lead characters along with Do Chi Kwang. There is a dark, mysterious shape connecting the three with text that reads, “Case from 15 years ago?” intriguing viewers with the unsolved puzzle that is yet to be solved.

The new teaser starts off with the big question of, “Who watches the watcher?” There seems to be doubt and tension between the three main characters. Seo Kang Joon asks, “How can I trust you?” and Han Suk Kyu replies, “If you hesitate, then someone else might die.” Then Han Suk Kyu questions Kim Hyun Joo, “Why did you make it turn out like this?” and she coldly retorts, “Because they deserve to die.”

Short flashes of a woman tied in a chair with blood-stained toes and hands raises curiosity and anticipation for a thriller that will make viewers grip onto the edge of their seats. Towards the end, Han Suk Kyu is talking to someone in a phone booth during the pouring rain, and he vows, “I’m going to make sure he pays for this.”

Check out the teaser below!

“Watcher” premieres on July 6 at 10:20 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

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