Watch: Red Velvet Has A Blast Performing With Their Fans On

On June 21, Red Velvet appeared as the final guests on tvN’s “300 X2.” A few days later, on June 23 KST, tvN uploaded several clips of the girl group’s episode on its official YouTube channel.

“300 X2” was originally a competition show in which different groups of singers gathered 300 fans to form teams and battle against each other. In the second season, however, one group teams up with 300 fans to have an epic singalong session.

Before Red Velvet met face to face with their fans, they were able to greet their fans through an open chat room with Boom and Super Junior’s Shindong. One fan who caught their eyes was a young man named Goo Geum Mo whose profile picture was a photo he had taken with Seulgi. Red Velvet, Boom, and Shindong were taken off guard, and they couldn’t help but laugh at the puzzling situation. Seulgi said, “So we’ve met before!”

The girls were able to talk with Goo Geum Mo through a video chat. Seulgi commented that she thought his profile picture was a photo with his girlfriend, and Goo Geum Mo grinned shyly as he said, “Oh, my. How can you say that?” The girls couldn’t help but squeal at his cute reaction.

A few hours later, the Red Velvet members were finally able to meet their fans, hidden behind a curtain at the studio. The performances officially started as the curtain rose, and Red Velvet and their fans teamed up for an epic collaboration of the songs “Russian Roulette” and “Red Flavor.” The girl group couldn’t stop smiling, and the fans looked excited to be performing with their favorite idols as well. Among the fans were comedians from “Gag Concert,” a fan who came from Norway, and K-pop prodigy dancer Na Ha Eun.

At the end, Red Velvet praised their fans for their passion and enthusiasm. Seulgi said, “We’re not the stars. You are. We were able to create a wonderful stage because of you guys, so I think it’s one of the best performances we’ve ever had.” Kang Ho Dong asked Joy how she felt, and she admitted it was overwhelming, adding, “I was so busy watching you guys that I was afraid I would make a mistake, so I paid careful attention.” Irene shared, “I was grateful we were able to perform together, and thank you for practicing so much.”

Although Kang Ho Dong revealed that only 281 participants out of the 300 chosen had arrived that day, the Red Velvet members remained thankful and commented, “It’s difficult memorizing the choreography. It’s also hard singing-along in front of your favorite artist, so it takes a lot of courage to even sign up.”

Finally, Red Velvet performed the grand finale “Bad Boy” to end an unforgettable day.

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