4 Best Frenemy Moments Between Hong Jong Hyun And Yeo Jin Goo In

In SBS’s “Absolute Boyfriend,” Hong Jong Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo depict the perfect spirited and petty bromance, adding much flair to the overall drama.

“Absolute Boyfriend” is a romantic comedy about robot Zero Nine (Yeo Jin Goo) who is made to give lots of love, makeup artist Uhm Da Da (Girl’s Day’s Minah) who has been hurt by love, and top actor Ma Wang Joon (Hong Jong Hyun) who keeps missing his chance at love.

While Hong Jong Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo continuously fight and compete for Uhm Da Da’s love, they put aside their differences and their jealousy when it really comes down to helping her out. Here are four of their best absolute bromance moments!

1. Interim manager test

In episode 13, Zero Nine participates in a test to become Ma Wang Joon’s interim manager, marking the beginning of their endless bickering. Raging with jealousy during his background check, when asked his age, Zero Nine innocently tells him, “It’s been 11 days since I first opened my eyes. In Korean age reckoning, I am a year old.”

From there, Wang Joon creates a new seemingly impossible manager test to fluster Zero Nine. He asks him to get him his favorite coffee from a specific village, and to bring it back within 30 minutes with the ice intact. Utilizing his top speed at 120 km (approximately 74.6 mph) and friendly demeanour, Zero Nine successfully completes all of his missions, much to Wang Joon’s dismay.

2. More bickering and babbling

In episode 15, Zero Nine and Wang Joon continue to bicker with one another as they each try to win Uhm Da Da’s heart. When Wang Joon begins to ask Da Da about how she’s been, Zero Nine immediately interjects, “Please refrain from talking about anything not work-related.”

Wang Joon in turn flusters Zero Nine, when the latter asks the famous star, “How do you receive love?” Slyly, Wang Joon replies, “Why? Did Da Da say she didn’t love you? That’s not something you can easily solve.”

3. Are you from Mongolia?

When Wang Joon is sick in episode 17 and Zero Nine sees how much that upsets Da Da, he decides to help out Wang Joon. As a robot, Zero Nine uses his special eyesight to discover the pattern on the ring that Ma Wang Joon’s stalker was wearing.

Once Wang Joon discovers this, he is stunned and asks, “Your eyesight…are you Mongolian?” Zero Nine hilariously responds, “Nope. I am made in Korea,” stunning Wang Joon even more.

4. Shoe size dispute

While both trying to uncover who set Da Da up, Zero Nine and Wang Joon fall into a hilarious debate about their shoe sizes. As they find out that the person who set up Da Da has a shoe size of 260 mm, they both begin to suspect each other.

To prove his point, Wang Joon confidently holds up his shoe and confirms, “280, the size that perfectly fits my foot!” Zero Nine copies him, holding his shoe up and saying, “270!”

The producers of “Absolute Boyfriend” shared, “As Yeo Jin Goo and Hong Jong Hyun are both such refreshing actors, they have completed such funny and playful roles well. As Hong Jong Hyun’s suspicions for Yeo Jin Goo rise, the two will continue their bickering bromance. Please look forward to it.”

“Absolute Boyfriend” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

In case you missed it, watch last week’s episode here!

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