7 Times SHINee Members Showcased How Multitalented They Are

SHINee is an incredible K-pop group that’s full of talent and amazing in many different areas! The members are all very talented and hardworking, and there are no words to describe just how versatile they are. Whether it’s variety shows, songwriting, fashion, or acting, SHINee members are always on top!

Have you ever thought about just how multitalented the members of SHINee are? Look at a couple of examples of their diverse talents below!

Their perfect live performances

SHINee members always give 120 percent at all of their performances, and watching them show off their charisma and talent is just mesmerizing. No wonder fans are always blown away with everything these men do on stage! Supported by the loud fan chants of their beloved fans, this “View” is really unforgettable!

Onew, the actor we all fell in love with

Apart from being the best leader anyone could ask for and singing beautifully on all SHINee tracks, Jinki is also known as a great actor. After appearing on the 2013 drama “Welcome to Royal Villa,” Onew stole all our hearts when he was cast in the drama “Descendants of the Sun” as first-year resident Dr. Lee Chi Hoon.

Watch him in “Descendants of the Sun”:

Watch Now

Jonghyun, the songwriter genius

No matter what is going on in your life, you will find all the comfort and wisdom you need in Jonghyun’s lyrics. Known as one of the most talented idol songwriters, there is just something about Jonghyun’s music that hits differently, and it’s like he just knows what you need to hear at any given moment. Give yourself time to read through and appreciate Jonghyun’s song lyrics, because they’re truly the words of a poet.

Key, the talented musical actor

Jinki is not the only one with an acting background. When Kibum is not busy entertaining everyone around him with his extraordinary personality and variety skills, he is also pursuing an acting career both on TV and in theater. He is a successful musical actor, and he was cast in productions like “Bonnie & Clyde,” “Zorro,” and “Chess.” But if all of that wasn’t enough, he is also a fashion designer and a true fashion icon.

Look at him acting his heart out in “Bonnie & Clyde”!

Minho, the king of variety shows

If you thought the list of actors in SHINee was over, think again! Minho also had roles in several dramas, such as “To The Beautiful You,” “Because It’s The First Time,” and “Hwarang,” as well as some movies. Not only that, but he is blessed with an amazing sense of humor and great variety skills as well. No matter where he goes, he will make everyone around him laugh out loud. His laughter and happiness are really contagious, and he will make even your worst days a lot brighter!

Watch him in “Hwarang”:

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Taemin, the dance prodigy

Taemin is the youngest of the group, and his energy on stage can be spotted very easily. He is a truly talented and extremely hardworking dancer, and his dance performances are true pieces of art. There is just something absolutely ethereal in the way he moves. Nothing proves this better than his performance on the show “Hit the Stage”! It’s just pure magic and talent!

They are all successful solo artists

To be able to showcase your talent both in a K-pop group and as a solo artist is something really special, and the members of SHINee have always shown how they excel in both.

Onew’s “Blue” is an emotional ballad and his voice will make your heart melt.

Jonghyun’s “She is” shows his funky and fun side, and this song will get stuck in your head for days.

Key is just full of bops! “I Wanna Be” is the summer anthem you need right now!

Minho also released an SM Station song this year. You really shouldn’t miss out on “I’m Home”!

Taemin’s solo songs will make you move for sure! Give a listen to “Want” and see for yourself!

Shawols! What do you love the most about these multitalented artists? Tell us in the comments below!

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