Park Jin Young Cheers On Stray Kids With Encouraging Message + Stray Kids Responds

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young has shared a sweet and thoughtful message for rookie boy group Stray Kids!

On June 23, the veteran singer and producer took to Instagram to post some words of encouragement for the idol group in both Korean and English.

Park Jin Young wrote in Korean:

An easy path vs. a meaningful path

Is there such a thing as a good path or a bad path? What I’ve learned from my 25 years as an artist is that it’s not so much that a path itself is good or bad; what’s important is why, how, and where you’re headed on that path. As long as an artist shares his true inner self with his fans as he walks, then that path is certain to be meaningful and precious.

I’m so proud that an artist that debuted barely a year ago is able to write these kinds of melodies and lyrics entirely by themselves, without outside help, and is growing [as an artist].

Of course, there is still room for improvement, but these shortcomings will remain as proof of how much you’ve grown. So don’t worry, and I hope you find strength as you continue to race onwards… you’re moving forward and doing well. Keep on!

Oh, but there is one thing: if you choose that kind of path, you may end up experiencing “Side Effects” like a headache.

Stray Kids later responded by commenting on the post, “Thank you for your support and thoughtful words. We will continue to grow as we communicate with our fans through sincere lyrics and music. Please keep an eye on us!”

Stray Kids recently made a comeback with the special album “Clé 2 : Yellow Wood,” featuring the title track “Side Effects.” If you haven’t already seen it, you can check out their new music video here!

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#StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #Clé2_YellowWood #부작용 #SideEffects #YouMakeStrayKidsStay 편한 길 vs. 의미있는 길 좋은 길, 나쁜 길이 있을까? 가수라는 직업을 갖고 25년이라는 시간을 살아오면서 느낀 건, 길 자체가 좋고 나쁜 것보다는 그 길을 왜, 어떻게, 어디를 향해 걷고 있느냐가 중요하다는 것이다. 아티스트가 자기 안에 있는 걸 진실되게 팬들과 나누면서 걸어가는 길은 의미있고 소중한 길일 수밖에 없다. 이제 겨우 데뷔 1년 조금 넘은 아티스트가 순수하게 자기들끼리 외부의 도움 없이 이 정도의 멜로디와 가사를 쓰며 성장을 하고 있다는 게 너무 대견하다. 물론 아직은 부족한 부분들도 있지만 이것이 너희 성장의 기록으로 순수하게 남을테니 걱정 말고 더 힘차게 달려나가길… 잘 가고 있어. Keep on! 아 단, 그런 길을 갈 경우 '부작용'으로 머리가 좀 아플 수 있어^^ Easy path vs. Meaningful path Is there a path such as good or bad? Living as an artist for 25 years, I realized why, how, and to where you walk is what's important. As long as you're sharing what's truly inside you with your fans, it's a meaningful and precious path you are walking. Finishing the melody and the lyrics of your 1st single by yourselves without any professional help, especially when it has been only little over a year since you debuted, is truly amazing. Of course there's parts that can be better but that will be your room to grow. And this path will remain as your journey of growth. You guys are doing great. Don't worry and keep on! Oh one thing, if you choose this path there can be some 'side effects' such as headaches �de42

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