8 Times Tsundere K-Pop Idols Melted Hearts With Their Caring Personalities

Many K-pop idols have a lot of traits in common, and yet each one makes them unique in their own way. One of the characters we usually spot among them happens to be the tsundere behavior, a Japanese term that describes a person who is seemingly cold-hearted before gradually warming up to their surroundings.

Despite the label, our lineup proves that tsundere idols also have their moments when their soft side shines brightest. Check our selection below!

1. When Krystal congratulated Jessica on her solo debut

The Jung sisters have both been nicknamed “Ice Princess” due to their seemingly cold appearance. However, their warm sides tend to pop up every now and then, especially when it comes to each other. When Jessica launched her solo career, Krystal gave her a call to cheer her on. This sweet and awkward phone call is perhaps the epitome of sisterly love as it shows mutual affection, teasing, and strong family ties.

2. When Tzuyu comforted a nervous panelist

During an episode of “Hello Counselor,” which featured a middle schooler whose mother refused to support her dream of being a singer-songwriter, Tzuyu made sure to show her full support for the little girl by patting her back and holding her hand while she was preparing to audition in front of the audience and hoping to finally win her mom’s approval.

3. When Yook Sungjae encouraged a fan to pursue her screenwriting career

This laid-back meeting between the maknae and his fan makes us completely forget about his usual serious attitude. By exchanging jokes, playing games, and enacting the script that the fan especially made for BTOB, Yook Sungjae made the aspiring screenwriter’s day with his emotional support, vibrant cheerfulness, and heartfelt wisdom.

4. When Irene offered her hot pack to a fan

On top of being the mother of the group, Irene also pays close attention to her fans. During a fansign, the leader probably noticed that her fans were shaking because of the cold weather, so she instinctively offered her hot pack on more than one occasion. Needless to say that her angelic smile alone is enough to warm hearts!

5. When Suga wrote customized messages to fans

Suga felt apologetic that fans always sent him presents on his birthday, so he decided to return the favor and give back for a change. Using his creativity to deliver a memorable gift, he made 300 personalized handwritten messages that he put on snacks and honey water bottles with the help of his members; much to ARMY’s delight.

6. When JB looked after Jackson when he sprayed cologne in his eyes

Being the father figure he is, JB was the first to show up at the scene when he heard Jackson’s call of distress. It turned out that Jackson yelled after spraying perfume directly in his eyes. Despite the very short footage, you can see JB constantly checking up on his member even at the elevator after he calmed down.

7. When Jennie wrote Lee Kwang Soo a lovely poem

It seems that acrostic poems are Jennie’s forte! After previously charming Lee Kwang Soo with a cute verse, it seems that Jennie was mindful of her impact. This time, she kicked it up a notch and delivered another heart-fluttering poem that made him blush.

8. When Kim Heechul got so emotional that he teared up

During an episode of “Life Bar,” members Shindong and Eunhyuk expressed their gratitude to Heechul for raising Super Junior’s popularity with his variety appearances. They also felt apologetic that he couldn’t join them during their comeback’s stage performances. As he got emotional hearing these statements, Heechul responded that because of his leg pain, he preferred to step down in order not to hold his team back. He then lightened up the atmosphere by mentioning that Eunhyuk told him to just make an appearance at the end of the stage to mark his presence.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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