QUIZ: Which Currently Airing K-Drama Couple's Relationship Do You Secretly Crave?

“A relationship like that only exists in Dramaland!” That’s what I often cynically think to myself when watching dramas. It’s pretty crazy to imagine an immensely good-looking robot confessing his undying love for you in real life. It’s also a quite a stretch to consider the possibility of facing such strong opposition from your partner’s rich parents that they splash you with water — or even better — hand you a thick envelope of money to keep you away from their son/daughter.

But deep inside, we may all be wanting some extra spice in our love lives. This quiz came into existence to help you figure out exactly which currently airing K-drama couple’s relationship you’re secretly — so secretly that even you don’t know it — hoping to have in your own life.

What do you think Soompiers? Did your inner desire surprise you, or did you get the couple you expected to get? Let us know in the comments!

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