tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” has released a new making video!

The video starts with Kim Ji Won as Tan Ya meeting Song Joong Ki’s character Sa Ya. She asks, “Who are you?” to which Song Joong Ki makes crying motions to indicate he missed her.

The scene then shifts to Jang Dong Gun who has to lift up Kim Ji Won. He jokingly asks, “There’s no wire, right?” while Song Joong Ki quickly dispels Kim Ji Won’s concerns of being too heavy for Jang Dong Gun to lift. He asks, “Are you looking down on my father? He bench presses 130 kilograms (approximately 287 pounds).” Despite Kim Ji Won’s initial concerns, the two actors carry out the scene flawlessly in one attempt.

Meanwhile, in another challenging scene, Kim Ok Bin films a complicated turn while talking to Jang Dong Gun, all the while showcasing her fierce aura. Jo Sung Ha, who plays her character’s father Hae Mi Hol, comments, “A scary daughter!” while gesturing at Kim Ok Bin. She comments, “I think one would think, ‘Is he really the dad?'” in a lighthearted manner.

In the scene in which Ta Gon becomes the leader of the Arthdal Union, Jang Dong Gun radiates charisma. However, he quickly shows his shy side when the people on set cheer for him after he films the scene. Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won is all smiles as she films her scene, explaining that she gets to eat pumpkin porridge while pretending to eat mustard. Her clean clothes seem to have lifted her spirits, as she says, “I’m really happy. My shoes are really nice.”

Furthermore, while filming the scuffling scene, Yoon Sa Bong, who plays Hae Tu Ak, explains that she’s learned kickboxing for a very brief period of time. Song Joong Ki quickly lightens the mood for the fighting scene as he says, “I’m going to run away! Her! Her! Her!” as he sacrifices Kim Ji Won to the fight. He adds in, “Yes, exactly! That’s right,” as he comfortably watches from the corner. Despite their physical exhaustion, the actors continue to give it their all throughout the entire filming.

“Arthdal Chronicles” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST. Watch the full making clip below!

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