10 Korean MVs That Make Us Want To Live In Video Games

It’s summer, and when the weather is too hot, we don’t want to do anything but stay on our comfortable couch and play some exciting video games. From time to time, K-pop groups also play with the idea of creating their own video game world. Whether it’s some action game with guns and wars, or a lovely arcade game with funny characters, they make us want to live in their breathtaking worlds.

Let’s take a look at some video game-themed music videos from Korean artists!

EXO – “Power”

Boys with glittery make-up and laser guns fighting against alien robots? Sign me up! The colorful video made for EXO’s 2017 positivity anthem is everything we need for a lazy afternoon at home, and if they made a real video game out of it, it would be sold out by now. It’s EXO’s power after all!

VIXX – “Rock Ur Body”

VIXX is known for their creative and well-delivered concepts, and they showed us the perfect video game concept with their 2012 hit “Rock Ur Body.” The MV features the six boys as characters of their own VIXX game, and we can spend a hella good time with them in this happy and colorful dream game! Join N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk, and rock your body to the beat of this absolute bop!

AOA – “Bingle Bangle”

If you need a break from your exciting action games, AOA is here to save the day with their old-school video game for their 2018 summery song “Bingle Bangle.” The game seems just as addicting as the song’s catchy chorus!

SF9 – “RPM”

SF9’s brand new single is the kind of energy bomb you need this summer! It has everything a club banger needs to have, and its music video takes you to the world of video games in no time! Get yourself lost in this fantastic “RPM” world!

Oh My Girl BANHANA – “Banana Allergy Monkey”

The quirky sub-unit of Oh My Girl takes you on a funky adventure with the cutest monkeys ever. In their rendition of video games, you can enjoy your banana rich dinner in a monkey diner and have fun with the beautiful girls and their hilarious monkey dance.

B1A4 – “Solo Day”

Not only is “Solo Day” a truly relatable song for many of us, it also takes us on a crazy alien adventure with our five different video game characters. Whether you play this game with a couch potato, a flower vagabond, obsession guy, space geek, or our resident pizza delivery guy Sandeul, it will definitely be unforgettable.

FIESTAR – “I Don’t Know”

These girls are real fighters, and not only in their video game world! The MV of “I Don’t Know” has some crazy fight scenes similar to well-known video games, and it’s just as enjoyable as everything FIESTAR has ever done. They know for sure how to win this fight and our hearts!

Boys Republic – “Video Game”

Boys Republic went all in for the video game concept back in 2014. The story version of the music video is just way too extra with its futuristic game set up, and the song is a true bop! This “Video Game” is definitely worth your attention and love.

Block B BASTARZ – “Selfish & Beautiful Girl”

The main character of BASTARZ’s “Selfish & Beautiful Girl” is all in for dancing games! It’s just so much fun doing the choreos of your favorite K-pop songs, so I’m pretty sure all K-pop fans can relate to her excitement. Especially because it’s the BASTARZ members she has to follow in this special game!

VMC – “Tiki Taka”

To finish this list, we can’t miss out on the crazy “FIFA” adventures of VMC. They took the video game concept to heart and came up with their own version of the very well-known soccer game. Just watching this makes us turn into cheerleaders, and we can’t wait to see something like this from other K-artists as well.

Soompiers! Which music video would you like to have as a real video game? Tell us in the comments below!

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