24K Announces Departure Of Some Members And New Additions Before Comeback

24K announced large changes to their lineup as they get ready for a comeback.

On June 27, the group’s agency Choeun Entertainment posted a statement in Korean and English on their fan cafe. It announces that the group will return with a new song by Sam Hollander and Grant Michaels, who took part in composing the track “Hand Clap” by American band Fitz and The Tantrums.

24K also announced that members Jinhong and Hongseob will no longer be working with the group, as Jinhong’s contract expires in June and Hongseob is dealing with health issues. Jeonguk will also be focusing on solo music.

For 24K’s comeback, members Changsun and Kiyong will be joined by new members, who will be revealed in the future.

Their official English statement is as follows:


This is Choeun Entertainment.

Thank you to all the 24U around the world who always keep supporting and waiting for 24K. For the fans waiting for 24K new album and activities after their last eighth album, “Bonnie N Clyde,” we’d like to share the news about their up coming news, just ahead of their comeback.

Even today, the members are working hard to make a new leap. First of all, Sam Hollander and Grant Michaels, world-class composers who composed the song “Hand Clap,” which was ranked No. 1 on the Billboard chart, have decided to write 24K’s new song. So we are working on a song together. It’s a great song to meet your expectations. Please give us lots of support.

In addition, 24K is planning to make big changes to the team in order to start afresh from this comeback as 24K season 2. Jinhong’s contract expires in June. HongSeob had a health problem with his surgery that he got last year. Therefore, they are no longer able to work with 24K. And JeongUk is planning to focus on his solo album. Instead, young and fresh members have joined the group, which is slightly different from 24K’s original color. Soon we are going to release them one by one.

Choeun Entertainment and 24K are made up the members who can cherish their fans and show their various aspects. To become the best Idol group, they are receiving great training such as singing, dancing and even the foreign languages. If you wait a little longer, you can check who will be the next 24K. We promise to make a wonderful group that has worked with world-class composers.

Thank you.

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