Watch: “Produce X 101” Gives Preview Of Return Of Eliminated “X,” Trainees Working With Zico, Struggles, And More

A new preview has been released for Mnet’s “Produce X 101”!

After last week’s eliminations when the contestants were narrowed down to the Top 30, it was announced that the show would be bringing back an eliminated trainee to rejoin the competition as the “X” through online voting based on promotional videos.

On June 28, a new clip was shared for episode 9 that shows contestants in the studio with Block B’s Zico, and he seems thoroughly impressed with MYTEEN’s Kim Kook Heon in particular. He says, “I think Kim Kook Heon can do all of it” and Kim Kook Heon replies, “Will I be able to get screen time now?”

While the preview focuses on Kim Woo Seok practicing with his group, the trainers are heard saying, “Are they just trusting in their high rankings?” and “This team is really in big trouble.” Kim Yo Han cries and says, “I [feel upset] about ruining the performance for ‘U Got It’ which has such good choreography.”

MC Lee Dong Wook tells the contestants to discuss and decide whether or not they’re going to add an “X” contestant into their team. Lee Han Gyul seems to be against the idea and tells his team that many changes would have to be made.

Kang Hyeon Su replies, “I don’t think we’ll need them” while Koo Jung Mo adds, “I’m in favor.” Ham Won Jin explains, “The performance looks good [with seven people]” and Son Dong Pyo states, “You can’t think about your image and things like that.”

“The team that they choose in a ‘blind decision’ could be our team,” suggests Lee Se Jin. Hwang Yun Seong adds, “Even if they don’t come to our team…”

MC Lee Dong Wook is then shown speaking to multiple phones on a video call. He says, “I called you to announce the new ‘X’ member.” The show announced in the previous episode that only one trainee would be brought back, and Mnet has not addressed questions about whether more may be returning.

At the end of the preview, when a contestant enters a room, the trainees cheer and look shocked. A trainee says, “I thought (censored) would definitely make it.”

“Produce X 101” airs on Fridays at 11 p.m. KST. Check out the preview for episode 9 below:

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