Watch: BTS Gives TXT Advice And Encouragement On TXT's Reality Show

BTS and TXT shared a heart-to-heart on Mnet’s “One Dream.TXT”!

On the June 27 premiere of TXT’s reality show, the rookie boy group anxiously waited for someone in the hallways of a broadcasting station.

The TXT members told each other not to be nervous and then broke out into a big smile when they saw BTS’s J-Hope. This was filmed when BTS was promoting “Boy with Luv” and TXT was promoting “Cat & Dog” on Korean music shows.

J-Hope asked Huening Kai what was in his fanny pack. When TXT just let out a shy laugh, J-Hope said, “There’s something you can say in these kinds of moments. You can say, ‘The fans’ hearts are in here.'”

This marked the second official meet-up of Big Hit Entertainment’s two boy groups, and TXT walked into BTS’s dressing room. When TXT formally introduced themselves, BTS clapped before doing the same. Suga asked if they could just say hello to each other without the formal greetings and Jungkook said that their meeting was cool.

Jimin commented on Huening Kai’s cute bag. J-Hope asked what was in the bag and hinted at what he had taught him earlier. Huening Kai made everyone laugh when he answered, “The fans’ hearts are inside” and got a high-five from J-Hope.

“We’re going to hold a showcase in the United States in a month,” said Soobin. “We’re really worried since it’s our first overseas tour [showcase]. We have questions and want advice, so we came to see you.” Jungkook asked, “What are you curious about?” and Soobin asked, “Is there anything we should pay special attention to when performing abroad?”

Jin earned applause when he answered, “In the United States, you can’t communicate in Korean.” Jungkook added, “The atmosphere is very easygoing.”

“When I think about our U.S. showcase, we performed ‘Boy in Luv’ for the first time in front of 20,000 people,” said RM. “The reactions were really good at the time. But the reactions weren’t good because we did a really good job but because we were really fierce. We [had the mindset] that we were going to do something and show people something.” Jungkook added, “We [had the mindset] that we were going to destroy everything.”

RM continued, “I think the [fans in] the United States will probably expect a lot of that and think the reactions will be good if you show that.”

“You have to do a really good job,” said Suga. “Because if you don’t do well at your first showcase, people who came with expectations may be let down and it might be difficult to carry on a [good] atmosphere.”

J-Hope added, “The mindset is important. Your attitude towards your performance. People feel your sincerity and how much you value the stage.” Jungkook told TXT, “I think you should just show them a killing part no matter what that might be.”

Encouraging their junior group, V said, “I personally think you’re going to do a good job,” and the other BTS members echoed his sentiments. Jimin said he had monitored TXT’s performance and they did a good job.

RM revealed, “Last time when I saw them personally, I got all of their numbers. There are more than 10 photos of you [Jungkook] in his messenger profile.” Jungkook reacted with surprise and Taehyun smiled while blushing. Jimin remarked that Taehyun and Jungkook looked alike, and Jungkook thanked Taehyun for his support.

TXT cheered on BTS and BTS cheered on TXT to conclude their meeting together. They then reunited during BTS’s encore stage after BTS won first place.

“One Dream.TXT” airs on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the clip below:

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