Suga’s Street Style: The 10 Best Off-Duty Looks BTS’s Min Yoongi Has Blessed Us With

If there’s something K-pop idols know how to do right, it’s blow our minds away with their outfits, both on and off stage. Some of them prefer to keep it simple and relaxed when off-duty while others use the opportunity to turn any street or airport into a runway, and to be honest, we’re here for both scenarios. Someone who has found a balance between the two is BTS’s Suga, who embraces his personal style while feeling comfortable, paying special attention to details with a little help from accessories and statement pieces.

Prints on Prints

If there’s something Yoongi loves and knows how to do on style, it’s wearing prints over prints, with plaids being one of his absolute favorites. This one’s a simple black outfit covered with an oversized long sleeve plaid shirt, tartan scarf, and another one of his signatures: a beanie. Put them together and you have a Suga outfit for the win.

Chanel King

Not saying that this is probably my favorite Suga outfit in existence, but maybe, just maybe, that’s what I’m saying. Chanel all over but in a subtle way, a touch of drama with the long coat over a leather jacket, and the softest of beanies… in a way you could say this outfit represents Yoongi’s personality to perfection.

Emo Feels

I feel like not talking about this look would be… well, a sin. Known as the “emo boy” outfit, this one caught ARMY’s attention the moment it saw the light of day. A simple black-pants-white-shirt set paired with some fun earrings and necklaces, and of course, Suga’s grown out hair covering his eyes turned this one into an absolute favorite for many.

All-Black Realness

I know you were waiting for this one. I gotta admit, I think about this outfit more than I should, and I may or may not have recreated it during winter. It’s an icon when talking Yoongi’s fashion: black everything. But even when some may think there’s not much thought that went into it, oh boy, there is. The bag, the hat, the shoes, and even the belt, the buttons, and zippers. It’s all perfectly matched on a black-silver pantone that he pulls off like no other.

Mint Ca(ra)mel

Deep down in our hearts, we’re always missing Mint Yoongi, am I right? While he’s able to pull off every single outfit, his mint hair and camel coat here are a perfect match. As it often goes, his all-black outfit gets a touch of drama with an oversize camel coat, long necklace, and once again, the signature beanie.

All Colors

Yes, yes, we know Yoongi loves an all-black outfit, but he sometimes surprises us with colorful ones too. This one in particular is a fan favorite because of how the colors brighten up his features and skin color. Did you know this sweater sold out right after he showed up wearing it? It’s an easy-to-replicate look if you own a pair of blue jeans, because an oversized sweater look is always a great look.

It’s All in the Details

Here’s a perfect example of how Suga is all about details. At first sight you’d say this is just black pants, black shoes, white shirt, blue coat, but it’s the little details that make this a whole fashion-worthy look. The handbag, the bucket hat, the plaid shirt under the coat slightly peeking out. Another outfit we just can’t help but fall in love with.

Multifaceted Black

Here’s another all-black one, but on a different vibe, because who said there was one way to do all-black? It’s similar to the one above, but completely different because of one simple reason: the oversized shirt. This look is one of those multifaceted ones: wearable both at morning or nighttime, for business, for fun… an all-in-one look we love how Suga pulls off.

Time For Shorts!

We don’t see Suga in shorts as often anymore, but, oh how we enjoyed it that summer when he was very into the trend. This one in particular is a favorite because it’s still very much him in prints and colors but different from what we’re used to. Once again, accessories such as the headphones, the hat, the backpack, and the sneakers turn the outfit into a runway-worthy one.

It’s a Plaid World

Here’s another item that sold out because of Suga wearing it: the mythical yellow plaid shirt. As I’ve mentioned above, Suga has a capacity to bring outfits into a whole different world by adding a great statement piece to it. In this case, it was this plaid shirt that now dozens of brands have replicated while using photos of Yoongi as an example (I mean, I’d be sold too).

What’s your favorite Suga look? Let us know in the comments, Soompiers!

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