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On the June 29 episode of KBS2’s “Battle Trip,” SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Wonwoo explored Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for the show’s “Planned Out Summer Vacation – Overseas” series.

Jeonghan was the group’s first tour guide, and he decided to take his members to Jalan Malioboro, a major shopping street in the city. Their first stop was to get some kopi joss, otherwise known as charcoal coffee. Kopi joss is a type of coffee that has a burning piece of charcoal placed into it during the brewing process, and it is common in Indonesia despite their hot weather.

Contrary to the members’ expectations, instead of having a burnt taste, the coffee was very sweet. Jeonghan hilariously confirmed the sweetness was due to the amount of sugar they put in, but the members enjoyed the drink in peace after he also explained its health benefits.

Following Jeonghan’s tour, the trio made their way towards Gumuk Pasir, the only sand dune in Southeast Asia. They began a Jeep tour organized by S.Coups that runs all the way to the Parangtritis beach so they could try sandboarding. Each member paid around 28,700 won (approximately $24) for the tour and around 8,200 won (approximately $7) for the sandboarding.

Once they reached the site to go sandboarding, Jeonghan, with incredible confidence, volunteered to go first. However, he fell over as soon as he started, making the other members laugh. As they watched the clip from the set, Jeonghan quickly explained, “It’s very different from snowboarding.”

After their brief sandboarding session, the boys officially began their Jeep tour. Despite the bumpy ride, they could not stop laughing and cheerfully complimented their driver as the best. Once they got to the ocean, S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Wonwoo began making bets to determine a loser who has to jump into the water.

The last part of S.Coup’s tour involved horseback riding on the beach. Everyone on set was in awe at the cheap price of this activity, being only 4,100 won (approximately $4) for half an hour of riding on the shore of the Parangtritis beach.

Following the tour, the three returned to their dorm and caught up with the day’s events while drinking beer and eating chicken. Jeonghan and S.Coups both firmly believed their own tours were better, with Jeonghan specifically commenting, “S.Coups’s tour lacked eating. That was really a minus.” S.Coups fired back saying, “That’s a real backpacking trip. Jeonghan’s tour was only eating.” They left the final vote to Wonwoo, who went with S.Coups’s tour, saying, “The tour with more activity was better.”

Thanking his members for planning the tours, Wonwoo showed them the Polaroid photos he had been taking since they got to Indonesia. He also put the photos in an album, which he showed on set as their way of keeping these memories forever.

At the end of the episode, the three SEVENTEEN members went up against actresses Go Ah Sung and Ryu Hyun Kyung, who vacationed to Palau in last week’s episode. During their trip for two nights and four days, each SEVENTEEN member spent only 238,000 won (approximately $205), compared to the Palau team who spent 548,000 won (approximately $473) each. In the end, SEVENTEEN’s Yogyakarta team won by eight points, with 78 votes in total.

See what else the trio did on their trip in the full episode below!

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