Police Crack Down On People Using Macros To Buy Concert Tickets

The police is cracking down on people using macro programs to purchase tickets for concerts held by famous idol groups and others.

According to the National Police Agency on June 30, 12 local police agencies across the country are conducting investigations into suspected cases of people using macros in order to mass purchase concert tickets.

A total of 145 cases are subject to investigation, including three cases related to a large-scale concert that was held in May and 142 incidents related to a famous idol group’s concert that was held in January.

In the case of the incidents from January, police say 2,652 tickets for the idol group’s concert were purchased in bulk using macros and other methods. Although there was a limit of one to two reservations per person for the concert, there were cases in which up to 166 tickets were delivered to the same address.

The police plan to continue their investigation by securing additional data through search and seizure and determining whether or not their suspicions are warranted. They also plan to carry out an investigation by charging these people with obstruction of business if they are found to have purchased tickets through unlawful means.

A source from the police shared, “After analyzing related cases and consulting with the Korean Women Lawyers Association, we saw that [their acts] were considered punishable by obstruction of business within the current legal system. The acts of using macros for illegal purposes as well as purchasing tickets using macros out of curiosity can both be subject to punishment.”

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