Talented Female Celebs Who Rock Their Petite Statures

The Korean entertainment industry doesn’t always explicitly state that there’s a clear height requirement for celebrities, but you’ll notice that, more often than not, celebrities tend to be around a certain height.

However, many petite female celebrities have proven that talent comes in all shapes and sizes!

Here is a list of some female celebrities with big personalities and charms who also happen to be shorter than 155 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 1 inch).

1. Park Na Rae

Nicknamed “Little Giant,” Park Na Rae is 149 centimeters (approximately 4 feet 11 inches) tall. She has attracted popularity with her unique wit and down-to-earth personality. Even Kim Jaejoong mentioned her as his ideal type on a recent episode of “Taste of Dating.”

2. Bebe Mignon’s Ben

Ben proudly boasts a height of 147 centimeters (approximately 4 feet 10 inches). Regardless of her small frame, she surprises everyone with her powerful vocals. Sometimes, her fans call her “Fairy.”

3. Song Ga In

On a TV show, the popular trot singer confidently revealed that she is 153 centimeters tall (approximately 5 feet). She triumphantly takes on all stages with her powerful singing and charismatic personality.

4. Lena Park

The legendary “ballad fairy” is 150 centimeters (approximately 4 feet 11 inches), but she never feels an inferiority complex over her small size and rather shows pride in it!

5. Min Dohee

Min Dohee is 151 centimeters (approximately 4 feet 11 inches). Before really focusing on acting, she was part of an idol group called Tiny-G, short for “Tiny Giant,” where the members had an average height of 153 centimeters.

6. LOONA’s Yeojin

LOONA’s Yeojin is the shortest in her group at 154 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 1 inch).

7. Boram

Boram of T-ara is the prime example of a short and cute female celebrity at exactly 155 centimeters (5 feet 1 inch).

8. IZ*ONE’s Yabuki Nako

The cute Japanese member of IZ*ONE is exactly 149.9 centimeters (approximately 4 feet 9 inches) tall, making her the smallest in the group. When the IZ*ONE members had their heights measured on an episode of “Idol Room,” Yabuki Nako jumped up and down cutely in resistance while claiming she was 150 centimeters. However, her measurement refused to round up her height, and to this day, her profile still reads 149.9 centimeters.

What other female celebrities can you think of that are shorter than 155 centimeters?

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Photo credit: Xportsnews

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