Bae Jung Nam Enjoys A Fun Day With Film Co-Stars Lee Sung Min, Kim Sung Kyun, And More

Bae Jung Nam and the star-studded cast of his film “The Sheriff in Town” bonded on a fun trip.

On the June 30 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” actors of the film including Lee Sung Min, Kim Jong Soo, Im Hyun Sung, Kim Sung Kyun, Kim Hye Eun, Son Yeo Eun, and Kim Jae Young reunited for an MT. MT stands for “membership training” and is a team building trip where people hang out and play games.

Lee Sung Min looked into the camera and said hello to the panel of celebrity moms at the studio. He then said to Bae Jung Nam, “Did you do the introductions?” Kim Jong Soo added, “He didn’t introduce me and just handed me a fishing rod as soon as I came.”

Bae Jung Nam explained, “No introduction is needed. [The staff] will do all of it with computer graphics,” and Lee Sung Min said, “But still, you need to introduce us to the show.”

“This is Korea’s funniest actor Im Hyun Sung,” began Bae Jung Nam. When Im Hyun Sung introduced himself to the camera furthest from him, Lee Sung Min said, “There’s a camera on your fishing rod. Say hello looking at that.”

The actors then said hello to each of their cameras and Lee Sung Min began murmuring to himself. He said, “We are actors who appeared in the film ‘The Sheriff in Town.’ We filmed in Busan and we used to fish on days where there was no filming. I think that is why Bae Jung Nam suggested we fish, but Bae Jung Nam is actually bad at fishing.”

Making everyone laugh, he added with a sigh, “I think he suggested fishing because he missed it, but this is not a place for fishing and there are no fish.”

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