Watch: Kim Jong Kook Plays Soccer And Shares Fun Conversations With Manchester United Player Paul Pogba

On June 30, Manchester United soccer player Paul Pogba appeared on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling” with Kim Jong Kook.

During the episode, Kim Jong Kook waited for Paul Pogba in the locker room and mentioned his failed meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo. Kim Jong Kook said, “I wasn’t able to meet Ronaldo but I am definitely going to meet Pogba. He couldn’t come as far as my house though.”

Paul Pogba and Kim Jong Kook then faced off in a game of futsal, which is a variant of football (soccer) played between two teams of five. Kim Jong Kook shared his confidence before the match, saying that he’d played with Patrice Evra and Park Ji Sung before, but Paul Pogba showed his skill and led his team to victory.

Later in the locker room, Kim Jong Kook made everyone laugh by saying, “I pulled my foot out of the way so that Pogba wouldn’t be hurt. I was nervous that he would be injured.”

Kim Jong Kook then impressed the “My Ugly Duckling” cast by showing that he could easily communicate with Paul Pogba in fluent English. Kim Jong Kook mentioned that both of them were friends with French soccer player Patrice Evra, which naturally led to discussing Park Ji Sung, the famous Korean soccer player who played for Manchester United. Kim Jong Kook said, “You praised Park Ji Sung in interviews a lot, so a lot of Koreans like you.”

Paul Pogba then complimented Park Ji Sung, saying, “He’s a tough guy.” He shared that it was initially difficult to talk to Park Ji Sung, who tends to be shy, but they got closer through their mutual friendship with Evra.

Although Kim Jong Kook famously does not eat this kind of food, he introduced Paul Pogba to Korean fast food. Paul Pogba said, “I think that Korean food is good for the body. When I look at Park Ji Sung, he looks exactly the same as he did 10 years ago. He hasn’t gained weight and he hasn’t aged. I should eat more Korean food from now on.”

Kim Jong Kook also explained to him the concept of the show “My Ugly Duckling,” saying, “My mother is very worried that I haven’t gotten married yet. I am over 40 years old.”

Paul Pogba mentioned that he already has a child despite being much younger than Kim Jong Kook, making the mothers on “My Ugly Duckling” jealous.

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