Park Yoochun Receives Probation Sentence For Purchasing And Using Drugs + Apologizes To Fans

Updated July 2 KST:

Following the court’s ruling on July 2, Park Yoochun was released from the detention center he had been detained in for 68 days since April 26.

On his way out, he stated to reporters, “I would like to apologize once again for causing concern to many people. I will give back to the society and virtuously work hard. I promise to do so. I apologize.”

When a reporter asked him to say something to his fans, he began tearing up and said, “I’m sorry. I feel very apologetic to my fans. I’m really sorry.”

He did not answer the question on plans to appeal against his sentence and simply said, “I apologize. I will live diligently and virtuously.”

Watch the video below for his full interaction with reporters.

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Original Article:

Park Yoochun has received a sentence for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

On July 2 at 10 a.m. KST, a sentencing hearing for Park Yoochun was held at the Suwon District Court. Several fans were in attendance.

During the previous hearing on June 14, prosecutors requested a year and six months in prison and 1.4 million won (approximately $1,182) in fines for Park Yoochun.

At the recent hearing on July 2, the court stated, “[Park Yoochun] is charged with purchasing 1.5 grams of Philopon with Hwang Ha Na and injecting [the drug] on seven occasions. He is confessing to his crime, and he admits to being guilty of all charges.”

Park Yoochun was given a 10-month prison sentence suspended for two years of probation and treatment and fined 1.4 million won (approximately $1,182). This means that if he commits an offense during the two-year probation period, he will receive a 10-month prison sentence.

The court explained, “Drug-related crimes like these must be strictly punished because they have a harmful effect on society. Judging from the fact that [Philopon] was detected in his leg hair, he injected the drug for a long time. However, he confessed to his crimes after being detained and is showing signs of self-reflection after the two months of detainment. This is also his first offense. Considering these facts, it was seen as a better choice to give him probation and treatment, as well as a suspended sentence.”

Previously, Park Yoochun admitted to injecting Philopon (a form of methamphetamine) with his former girlfriend Hwang Ha Na and on his own. He also purchased 1.5 grams of Philopon with Hwang Ha Na on three occasions between February and March 2019.

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