6 Binge-Worthy C-Dramas From 2019 To Add To Your Summer Watch-List

Summer is officially here, which means a lot of us are finally on summer break or vacation! Besides soaking in all the sun and enjoying ice cream on a beautiful day, now is the perfect time to start catching up on watching dramas you may have missed to help de-stress and relax your mind and body. We’ve compiled a list of hot 2019 Chinese dramas that you should definitely add to your watch-list. They’re perfect for binge-watching on those days where it’s too hot to go outside during your summer vacation. Enjoy!

Le Coup de Foudre

Based on the novel, “I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like Youby author Qiao Yi, “Le Coup de Foudre” focuses on a pair of lovers from their high school to adult life. Yan Mo (Zhang Yu Jian) and Zhao Qiao Yi (Wu Qian) are high school desk-mates who are polar opposites of each other. Yan Mo is a top student, while Qiao Yi struggles to get by in school. Despite their differences, the two develop a strong bond. The pair promises to study abroad together in the UK after graduating from high school; however, Qiao Yi abandons the promise after an unexpected family emergency occurs. Yan Mo moves to the UK while Qiao Yi stays in China and the two eventually drift apart and lose touch. Several years later, Yan Mo and Qiao Yi are reunited and old sparks are rekindled.

Praised for its heartwarming and uplifting story, “Le Coup de Foudre” was a big hit, having accumulated 100 million views on the Chinese online platforms Tencent and Youku within 13 hours of its premiere. The story is truly special because it’s based on the author Qiao Yi’s real love story with her husband!

The relationship between Qiao Yi and Yan Mo is so naturally sincere and gradual. We see their story unfold from the time they meet in high school to their separation, them reuniting, and finally getting married. The drama makes it feel like you are falling love together with the OTP, experiencing all the feelings of joy, sadness, frustration, and optimism. Wu Qian and Zhang Yu Jian have a very down-to-earth charm and chemistry, and they perfectly portray their characters’ journey together.

What also makes the drama so special is its focus on family. You’ll surely be moved to tears by Qiao Yi’s tight sibling bond with her twin brother Guan Chao (Zhao Zhi Wei) and the strong father-daughter relationship between Qiao Yi’s and her supportive and caring step-father.

“Le Coup de Foudre” is a true gem and a recommended watch if you want to see a realistic and touching portrayal of sweet romance, friendship, and family love.

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The Legends

The Legends” is a historical fantasy drama that is based on the novel, “Zhao Yao” by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. The drama stars Bai Lu as Lu Zhao Yao, the strong and fierce leader of the demonic Wan Lu Sect. While trying to obtain the legendary Wan Jun Sword, Zhao Yao is ambushed by the Immortal Sect. She believes that Li Chen Lan (Xu Kai), a guard of the Wan Lu Sect and her closest ally and friend, is behind the ambush and betrayal.

Five years later, Li Chen Lan is now the new leader of the Wan Lu Sect. Lu Zhao Yao returns to Wan Lu Sect vowing for revenge on Chen Lan and is determined to gain her rightful position back as the sect leader. Over time, the truth is revealed and Zhao Yao realizes her biggest enemies are her most dedicated allies.

“The Legends” earned positive reviews from audiences for its quirky characters, romantic storyline, and comedic elements. The drama is also praised for showcasing strong female characters and for its inspirational and positive storyline. During the drama’s broadcast, it topped television ratings during its entire run.

The most captivating aspect of “The Legends” is no doubt our female lead, Lu Zhao Yao. As the extremely charismatic Wan Lu Sect leader, she’s fearless, arrogant, and loves to do everything extravagantly. As a viewer, it’s easy to fan-girl over Zhao Yao because she’s so real and badass.

We also can’t forget our adorable male lead Li Chen Lan, who started off as a timid young boy who fell in love with Zhao Yao after she saved his life. Li Chen Lan grows to become a confident, charismatic, and powerful sect leader who is also a gentle and kindhearted man, easily stealing the hearts of audiences.

While great as individual characters, I would describe Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan as a hot power couple who possess magnetic chemistry that is off the charts. To witness their growth as characters overcoming hardships and to see their romance develop is a real treat. Together they make a great couple, giving each other the strength and support when needed.

Overall, “The Legends” has a great mix of fantasy, romance, compelling story and characters, and leads with phenomenal chemistry, it’s a drama you don’t want to miss!

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Put Your Head On My Shoulder

“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” is a romantic-comedy drama starring Xing Fei and Lin Yi. Si Tu Mo (Xing Fei) is a university student majoring in accounting. Her graduation is fast approaching and she is confused about her future plans. While attempting to sort out her life, she meets Gu Wei Yi (Lin Yi), a university student majoring in physics. Their lives are shaken up and chaos begins as the two ends up accidentally living together.

The drama was a hit in China and overseas, receiving positive reviews, exceeding over 300 million online views on Tencent in its first week of broadcast. By the end of the drama, it has over 1.3 billion views. “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” was particularly popular in Thailand, where it amassed a large cult following. The main leads Xing Fei and Lin Yi even held a fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand where thousands of fans attended. The drama is also currently being broadcast in South Korea!

Fans of “A Love So Beautiful” will surely love this drama, as the story is written by the same author, Zhao Qian Qian. It’s a fun and heartwarming slice-of-life drama featuring a typical and realistic college romance. Gu Wei Yi and Si Tu Mo (Mo Mo) have a sweet, pure, genuine, and bubbly relationship. They began as platonic friends who get to know each other through time and become closer, organically leading to romance. The main highlight of the drama is witnessing our main couple’s growing connection and feelings for each other.

For many fans, they love the nerdy, earnest, and awkward Gu Wei Yi, as he is clueless when it comes to girls and relationships. What makes him so endearing is his dedication in pursuing Mo Mo, as he is always researching online for dating tips that often leave him floundering. Mo Mo is also a great female lead. She’s charming, down-to-earth, feisty, and has a toughness to her that allows her to stand up for herself when life gets tough.

If you are looking for a simple, feel-good, romantic comedy with great chemistry between the characters, this is the drama is for you. “Put Your Head on My Shoulders” is one of the dramas that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

My True Friend

Romance drama “My True Friend” focuses on the story of two rookie real estate agents Shao Peng Cheng (Deng Lun) and Cheng Zhen Zhen (Angelababy). Zhen Zhen is a devoted and hardworking newbie real estate agent who is determined to be at the top in her field. She is assigned to work as partners with another rookie real estate agent Shao Peng Chen, a rich playboy who also happens to be the son of the of their agency’s president. Shao Peng Chen hides his identity as he wants to prove his own worth and climb the ranks within the company.

Working together proves to be difficult as Zhen Zhen and Peng Chen have clashing work ethics. However, with time, through the tough work of home buying and selling, they both discover how deeply personal the world of real estate is and what the meaning of home is.

“My True Friend” is a heartwarming and feel-good drama that showcases love, friendship, and family. A major theme seen throughout the drama is discovering the meaning of what a home is, portrayed through different stories of home ownership from people of all walks of life. Through the drama, viewers learn the importance of compassion, trust, hope, and following your heart.

Our OTP also has a sweet and touching romantic love story. Viewers can witness their growth and them falling in love while supporting each other through various obstacles encountered in their careers and everyday life. Watching Peng Cheng and Zhen Zhen who start off as bickering work partners, to close friends, and finally, lovers is a fun treat as you can see their undeniable chemistry together.

Deng Lun, who plays our male lead Shao Peng Cheng, is what fans will say is one of the biggest draws of the drama. Deng Lun has always been great as an actor and he does not disappoint in his portrayal of Shao Peng Chen, who grows from a spoiled arrogant brat to a confident, considerate and compassionate leader. His empathy, wittiness, and kindness naturally make us viewers fall for him, including the love of his life Zhen Zhen.

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Well-Intended Love

“Well-Intended Love” is a romantic comedy drama that stars Simona Wang as Xia Lin, a third-rate actress with leukemia who becomes entangled with CEO Ling Yi Zhou (Xu Kai Cheng), who also happens to be a bone marrow donor match for Xia Lin. In order for her to receive the bone marrow transplant sooner and continue her career in the entertainment industry, Xia Lin enters into a secret contract marriage with Ling Yi Zhou. Through various obstacles the two encounters, they end up falling in love.

“Well-Intended Love” is an unexpected hit of 2019. Plot-wise, it isn’t anything new, and the drama has almost every stereotypical overused cliche and trope thrown in, but it is surprisingly well done. The biggest selling point of the drama is the main OTP Xia Lin and Ling Yi Zhou. They have amazing chemistry together and the progress of their romance feels so natural and cute.

Although our OTP really shines as a couple, Yi Zhou and Xia Lin are wonderful as individual characters as well. Ling Yi Zhou isn’t your stereotypical arrogant CEO. Instead, he is full of warmth and charisma and he genuinely loves and respects Xia Lin. Xia Lin is a great female lead, who is self-aware, smart, isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, and overall a sweet and warm-hearted person.

Fans of the drama should be happy to know that a second season of “Well-Intended Love” with the original cast has been confirmed and is in the works. There’s no doubt that many fans are excited to see Xu Kai Cheng and Simona Wang reunite again onscreen!

I Will Never Let You Go

Historical drama “I Will Never Let You Go” stars Ariel Lin as the cheerful and optimistic Hua Bu Qi, a young beggar who uses her street smarts to survive her impoverished life. One day she is saved by a masked hero Prince Chen Yu (Zhang Bin Bin) who goes by the alias Lian Yi Ke and the two ultimately end up falling in love. It is later revealed that Hua Bu Qi is the daughter of Prince Qi and a descendant of the Divine Maiden, who holds the key to locating a legendary treasure that can rule the world. Her simple life is transformed, and now she is on the run from various enemies who try to take advantage of her influence and power. The drama is based on the novel “Hua Bu Qi” by author Zhuang Zhuang.

“I Will Never Let You Go” marks Ariel Lin’s return to historical dramas after five years and her fans are excited to see the queen of dramas back on screen. Our leading lady, Ariel Lin doesn’t disappoint as an experienced actress, she really brings the character of Hua Bu Qi to life, showcasing her charm and intelligence. One of the most fun things is to see how Hua Bu Qi handles getting herself out of difficult predicaments using her resourcefulness and wittiness.

Despite the 11-year age gap, Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin simply ooze chemistry, they’re adorably sweet together and look amazing as a pair. Zhang Bin Bin is also great as the mysterious and handsome masked hero Lian Yi Ke and as the arrogant Prince Chen Yu, fully capturing the comedic and sentimental moments of his character.

Overall, “I Will Never Let You Go” has a nice balance of comedy, romance, drama, and suspense, a fun watch that you need to add to your playlist!

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