Watch: Park Seo Joon And Woo Do Hwan Praise Each Other In Action-Packed Behind-The-Scenes Footage From

Upcoming film “The Divine Fury” has shared exciting new behind-the-scenes footage from filming!

“The Divine Fury” is a supernatural action thriller starring Park Seo Joon as Yong Hoo, a champion fighter who suddenly develops inexplicable wounds in the palms of his hands. In his search for answers, Yong Hoo seeks out Father Ahn, an exorcist from the Vatican (played by veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki). Together, they end up joining forces in a fight against powerful evil forces that wreak havoc on the human world.

Woo Do Hwan will also star in the movie as Ji Shin, a mysterious figure with the ability to exploit others’ weaknesses and spread evil.

On July 2, Lotte Entertainment released a new behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film. In the clip, which features thrilling glimpses of the cast filming their action scenes, director Kim Joo Hwan introduces the movie as “an epic battle between good and evil.” Star Park Seo Joon adds, “It’s also a film that tells the passionate and dramatic story of Yong Hoo and Father Ahn.”

When asked why he decided to appear in the movie, Park Seo Joon says, “I was drawn to [the film’s] exciting elements, and I had the desire to take on a new challenge.” Ahn Sung Ki responds to the same question by remarking, “I found the screenplay both mysterious and appealing.” Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan replies, “It’s a genre that isn’t commonly tackled in Korea, and I thought that it would be a really fun movie.”

Art director Lee Bong Hwan praises the film by saying, “I really found myself wondering, ‘Will I ever be able to work on a film like this again?'” Meanwhile, director Kim Joo Hwan comments, “‘The Divine Fury’ has its own unique worldview. A lot of people worked very hard on this film in order to show audiences a new world that they’ve never seen before.”

Kim Joo Hwan goes on to share that in order to make Park Seo Joon’s MMA fight scenes as realistic as possible, they filmed the scenes with real-life MMA fighters in an actual stadium with a seating capacity of 11,000. Cinematographer Jo Sang Yoon adds that they avoided using computer-generated imagery and actually filmed the movie’s many special effects.

Martial arts director Park Young Shik reveals, “We thought a lot about what kind of action would look most like a possessed person. Our main concept was that we tried to show a lot of animalistic movements. I think we also reined in [our action scenes] a bit, just to keep things realistic.”

After providing a sneak peek at some of the prosthetics, 3D-printed props, and the detailed sets used for filming, the clip goes on to show the movie’s three stars talking about their characters and their teamwork on set. Park Seo Joon introduces his character by saying, “[Yong Hoo] is an MMA fighter who grows as a person after meeting the exorcist named Father Ahn. I think he has an appeal that is almost the exact opposite of the characters I’ve played up until now.”

Ahn Sung Ki describes Father Ahn as a “a priest that has been sent from the Vatican. I portrayed him as someone who is careful and serious while on the job, but off-duty, he’s a very human and benevolent person.” Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan shares, “[Ji Shin] is someone who digs into and exploits other people’s greatest weaknesses. I wanted him to seem like a human villain.”

Regarding the movie’s intense action scenes, Park Seo Joon jokes, “It was to the extent where I had the thought: ‘If there’s a hell, is this is it?'” Woo Do Hwan chimes in, “We had an oxygen inhaler on the side, ready to be used, because there was so much action.” Ahn Sung Ki also reveals that he had to memorize a great deal of Latin for the film’s exorcism scenes.

While talking about his co-stars, Park Seo Joon comments, “Ahn Sung Ki really felt like a father [during filming],” and Ahn Sung Ki muses, “I think Park Seo Joon has his own unique individuality. It was new and different, and I really liked it.”

Park Seo Joon then praises Woo Do Hwan by saying, “I think I learned a lot from seeing how hard he worked,” while Woo Do Hwan remarks, “To me, [Park Seo Joon] is a role model and a great senior actor.”

Finally, Woo Do Hwan and Park Seo Joon wrap up the clip by announcing, “We plan to greet you with refreshing material in this hot summer.” Ahn Sung Ki adds with a smile, “I’d be grateful if you showed ‘The Divine Fury’ your love.”

“The Divine Fury” will premiere on July 31. In the meantime, check out the new behind-the-scenes clip below!

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