On July 2, Mnet released a new behind-the-scenes video of the “Produce X 101” trainees!

In this installment of “X101 TV,” the trainees took part in a dorm ranking video. In order to get to know the trainees better, they were asked to become national producers for a change and cast their own votes.

The first question was, “Who do you think is manlier than they seem?” Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyeong Jun answered, “Maybe…Jin Woo? As he grows taller, he is building his body and giving off slightly more manly vibes. Also, there are moments when he makes my heart flutter.” Ham Won Jin, also from Starship, was filming in front of his labelmate Song Hyeong Jun and Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Min Kyu, so he quickly answered, “It’s not you guys. I think MBK’s Nam Do Hyon. He looks young but becomes very manly when he raps.”

Starship’s Moon Hyun Bin shared, “I think it’s Su Hwan. Choi Su Hwan! I think his manliness is natural. Living with him, you get to see what seems like the origin of manliness.” Woollim’s Kim Min Seo picked sidusHQ’s Park Sun Ho, quickly asking him to show his abs. Brand New Music’s Lee Eun Sang chose The Music Works’ Song Yu Vin, saying, “Two days ago, I went next door to Yu Vin’s room and was eating chips, when he suddenly began feeding me. It made my heart flutter for a moment.” Woollim’s Cha Jun Ho picked fellow Woollim trainee Hwang Yun Seong and shared, “He looks really cute, so I always call him ‘pretty,’ but he is really someone with very manly charms.”

Question two was, “Which trainee has the best unpredictable charm?” MBK’s Nam Do Hyon picked Brand New Music’s Lee Eun Sang saying, “He’s really sexy… but also really lovable.” DSP Media’s Son Dong Pyo chose Plan A’s Han Seung Woo sharing, “On stage, he belts out high notes but off-stage, he is very caring. I think he shows a bit of a difference there.”

When asked, “Which trainee do you think works the hardest?” AAP.Y’s Lee Mi Dam said, “Kang Hyeon Su, who is from my company. I never see him resting. Even during breaks, he is always moving his body.” Fittingly, when asked the same question, Kang Hyeon Su casually answered himself!

The last question was, “Who has changed the most since you all began living in a dorm?” Ham Won Jin answered his fellow Starship trainee, saying, “Our Hyeong Jun! There was a time when he couldn’t say anything, but he’s changed a lot. Now his mouth won’t stay still, but he’s gained a lot of confidence so I think it is better. I am happy for him.” Woollim’s Kim Dong Yun shared, “You can’t forget our Jun Ho! Woollim’s Cha Jun Ho would talk a lot when he was with the Woollim trainees, but he became very quiet once we began coming here. He recently filmed a self-cam video, which everyone was really surprised to see. Honestly, his real personality is much brighter than it appears now, so please look forward to him in the future.”

The video closes off with various trainees sending hearts and kisses to the camera. Watch the full video below!

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