On July 3, upcoming KBS drama “Justice” released three 50-second teasers for their three main characters.

“Justice” is about a lawyer (Choi Jin Hyuk) who makes a deal with the devil for the sake of revenge and a businessman (Son Hyun Joo) who willingly becomes the devil for the sake of his family. The two of them get entangled in the world of Korea’s VVIPs when they get involved a case of disappearing actresses.

Choi Jin Hyuk plays Lee Tae Kyung, a top lawyer who takes on all the dirty cases for Song Woo Yong (Son Hyun Joo). His teaser opens with what appears to be a sexual assault case and his character rips into the female victim, asking her if she’s ever dated before and showing her underwear as physical evidence in front of the whole court.

He is then shown partying it up with various important businesspeople, including Song Woo Yong, and asks an unknown person, “Were you expecting a sense of justice from me?” The prosecutor Seo Yeon Ah (Nana) also says to him as he passes by, “How have you changed so much?”

However, Lee Tae Kyung is approached by a man who asks him, “Are you curious? How your brother died?” The teaser then shifts into a flashback in which Lee Tae Kyung affectionately watches his little brother fool around in happier days.

Son Hyun Joo’s teaser as Song Woo Yong shows the multifaceted sides of his character. On one hand, he is seen in luxurious surroundings, laughing with other businessmen and drinking whisky at extravagant parties with money and women. Another part of the teaser shows that he’s a man not afraid to get his hands dirty as he buries what appears to be a body and shares a bloody glass of whisky with Lee Tae Kyung. The teaser ends, however, with Song Woo Yong in the hospital going down on his knees in front of a crowd of businessmen as his sick son begs him to stop.

Nana’s teaser opens more lightheartedly, as her character Seo Yeon Ah sits with someone in a car and points out a girl group member that has just passed by. Seo Yeon Ah tells her passenger that she was also once casted on the street and muses, “I could have been Kim Tae Hee by now,” ignoring her passenger’s skeptical glance. But Seo Yeon Ah soon shows that she’s more than just a pretty face: when a man threateningly says to her, “Does that make sense to you?”, she fires right back with, “I’ll make it make sense.”

Another man threatens her with, “Don’t you know who my father is?” and Seo Yeon Ah, who followed in her father’s footsteps as a famous prosecutor, responds immediately, “Do you know who my father is?” She is in close pursuit of whatever Lee Tae Kyung and Song Woo Yong are up to and isn’t cowed by their attempts to intimidate her, but the teaser ends with her looking badly shaken at the site of a crime or accident.

“Justice” premieres on July 17 and will be available on Viki. Check out the trailer here!

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