Changbum Responds To BJ Yeolmae's Further Accusations Of His Alleged Connection To Jung Joon Young + Sharing Of Sex Video

Changbum and BJ Yeolmae told more of their sides of the story in live broadcasts on July 3.

On July 2, Afreeca live streamer BJ (broadcasting jockey) Yeolmae claimed that her ex-boyfriend Changbum (also known as VERMUDA’s U) cheated on her and shared a sex video of him and her in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young and CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun.

Changbum refuted these claims during a live broadcast on July 3 by stating that he was tired of BJ Yeolmae acting like a victim. He explained that the sex video was taken with BJ Yeolmae’s consent, not shared with anyone, and that he has never cheated on her.

During her second broadcast on AfreecaTV on the evening of July 3, BJ Yeolmae said, “There weren’t any restrictions yesterday. But today, Afreeca said that I can hold a broadcast but they will forcefully end it if I bring it up. I thought that it was right to talk about things I thought were unjust and began a broadcast. I hope you won’t discriminate [against me].”

She began by apologizing for cheating on Changbum with BJ Kay. She said, “Woo Changbum lied. He said that he didn’t cheat and that only I cheated, so I gathered evidence. He said that he didn’t cheat while we dated, but I pretended not to know even though I knew.”

BJ Yeolmae then shared the messages she allegedly received from other women. One message allegedly said, “Woo Changbum asked me to send him a photo of my private part, and he secretly filmed this and leaked it. When I said something afterward, Woo Changbum erased the photo.”

BJ Yeolmae continued, “Woo Changbum said that the video was filmed with my consent, but the reason why I agreed was because he said, ‘I’ll erase it after I film it.’ After we broke up, he suddenly said, ‘I have the videos. I’m organizing the videos,’ then sent me a video of him masturbating. I plan to take legal action about this.”

She added, “During Seoyoon’s broadcast, Woo Changbum said that he has the video and that he’ll reveal them if I agree to it. On his broadcast, he then flip-flopped on his words and said that he erased the video. I filmed it after he promised that he’d watch it then erase it, and I’m scared that he still has it after we broke up.”

As for her previous statement about the video being shared in Jung Joon Young’s group chatroom, BJ Yeolmae gave an ambiguous statement. After confessing that she briefly worked at an adult entertainment establishment, she said, “I’ve run into Jung Joon Young at a bar before. I don’t know how Woo Changbum and Jung Joon Young got close, but they started to hang out. Seeing that made me think that he didn’t erase the video.”

Changbum responded to these allegations during his own broadcast on July 3. He began, “I know that [people] aren’t interested in the relationship of two people and know all too well that this is an issue the two of us need to resolve. People are probably most interested in the Jung Joon Young KakaoTalk group chatroom.”

He continued, “She said that Jung Joon Young and I hung out a lot, but she has no evidence. The question is if I was a member of the Burning Sun group chatroom or if I’ve shared or sent videos, but the issue is being clouded by the dating story of two people.”

He added, “I didn’t know about the existence of the Burning Sun group chatroom. I don’t know CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun at all. I met Jung Joon Young once at a music show and we played games online once together. He’s an internet friend. We’ve never met and hung out in real life. We’ve never even gone to an ordinary computer cafe. Even though I had the video that we filmed with our agreement, I thought that nothing good would come out of it for her as well, so I erased the clip while playing it. I should’ve suppressed my sexual desires as a man, but I couldn’t.”

Changbum concluded, “I’m curious as to why it was said that I posted the video of her and me in the Burning Sun group chatroom. I’ll explain myself if you bring evidence or facts about that. Even though the other person said that it’s a ‘golden phone,’ that I was a member of the Burning Sun group chatroom, and that I leaked the video, there isn’t a single piece of evidence.”

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