Update: KNK Showcases Key Point Of Dance For “Sunset” Comeback

Updated July 13 KST:

KNK released a teaser of the key point of their dance for “Sunset”!

Updated July 12 KST:

KNK shared an album preview for their return with “KNK S/S Collection”!

Updated July 11 KST:

KNK released their “Sunset” MV teaser!

Updated July 10 KST:

KNK shared more teasers for their comeback, this time including an instrumental clip and new photos!

Updated July 9 KST: 

KNK has unveiled new concept photos for each of the members. Check them out below!

Park Seoham

Lee Dongwon

Jeong Inseong

Kim Jihun

Oh Heejun

Updated July 8 KST: 

KNK has shared a group teaser and a moving teaser for their upcoming comeback “KNK S/S Collection!”

Updated July 7 KST:

KNK has revealed the track list and lyrics for their upcoming fourth single, which includes the songs “SUNSET,” “WE ARE THE ONE,” and “I Hoped” (literal title).

Updated July 6 KST:

KNK shared an instrumental teaser for their comeback!

Check it out below:

Original Article: 

KNK will be returning soon!

On July 5, the group shared that they’ll release their fourth single “KNK S/S Collection” on July 15.

Check out their release schedule and first teasers below! Fitting with their single’s title, KNK transforms into runway models for their group teaser picture.

KNK most recently made a comeback in January with “Lonely Nights,” which was their first release with new member Dongwon.

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