PD And Park Ha Sun Emphasize That “Love Affairs In The Afternoon” Is Not Meant To Glamorize Adultery

Park Ha Sun and the director of “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” have strongly denied that the drama romanticizes affairs.

“Love Affairs in the Afternoon” is a remake of the Japanese drama “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon” and tells the stories of adults who engage in extramarital affairs. Recently, the director and the cast of the upcoming drama attended the press conference at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul.

Producing director (PD) Kim Jung Min shared, “It is a drama where spouses find themselves and grow up in their own conflicts and agony. For married couples, it’s a drama that gives an opportunity to reflect on what you’re headed towards. While the drama is a melodrama in genre, it contains warm emotions of love.”

Since the drama revolves around a romance between people who are already married, people may misunderstand that the drama glorifies affairs. In response, Kim Jung Min said, “Although it is on the subject of an extramarital affair, when I made it, I didn’t think it was a romance about married people who cheated. Rather than expressing a passionate melodrama, I thought the viewers would be able to experience the sensibility of the original Japanese drama, the protagonist’s conflict and agony, love, and self-reflection. Rather than portraying a beautiful image and beautiful love, I asked [the actors] for sincere, simple acting of a realistic married couple. It is true that the drama itself contains affairs. Love is [something that] ‘gradually sinks in,’ but if you watch until episode 16, there is a message about life and human beings.”

Park Ha Sun also shared her opinion, saying, “This is definitely not a drama that promotes or glorifies an affair. It won’t be something that’s uncomfortable to watch either. We feel the responsibility in regards to that aspect and are creating [the drama] while carefully checking. On the contrary, it will be more painful to sympathize with each and every character. I filmed this hoping that it will have a thoroughly sad ending. You don’t need to worry too much. If it was a regular romance drama, it would be nice to shoot a date scene, but [filming] was hard and gloomy. It is a drama that can show [people] ‘you shouldn’t do this,’ ‘if you do this, it will be hard,’ and ‘you’ll completely break down.'”

Park Ha Sun also talked about maturing as an actress. She commented, “It is a drama about the things that happen when an ordinary housewife meets a neighbor and a man. I identified with it a lot. I thought it was the best character I could do now because it’s an ordinary character.”

Lastly, Kim Jung Min stated, “We filmed at least half the drama so far. I am confident that we can develop sympathy with the actors’ performances. I’m grateful to the actors for their sincere approach.”

“Love Affairs in the Afternoon” premieres on July 5 at 11 p.m. KST. Check out the latest poster here!

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