DIA’s Jenny Pens Heartfelt Letter Announcing Departure From Group Due To Health Problems

Jenny will be leaving girl group DIA due to health reasons.

MBK Entertainment posted a notice about her departure and their statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is MBK Entertainment.

Firstly, we would like to apologize for bringing such unfortunate news to the many AIDs [DIA’s official fan club name] who love and care for DIA, and we wish to officially notify you that Jenny will stop all DIA activities.

Jenny has been suffering from severe knee pain from “SUMMER ADE” album promotions and receiving treatment. After many tests, she has been diagnosed with osteomalacia in her knee, and she was unable to participate in activities for “NEWTRO.”

We have done our best to help Jenny recover, and she has gotten much better through continued treatment.

However, the doctors have advised that it would be difficult for Jenny to continue activities as a member of DIA, and after many talks with Jenny, we have come to the agreement that Jenny should henceforth stop all DIA activities and focus on her health and recovery.

We wish to apologize to all AIDs who have waited to see Jenny in good health again. We once again apologize for causing concern with such sudden news, and we wish to thank all AIDs for loving Jenny.

The agency also shared a handwritten letter from Jenny to fans, which reads as follows:

Hello. This is DIA’s Jenny.

It’s been a while, right? I’m writing this letter because I have stories and news to share with you. This is how I truly feel, so please read closely.

First, I am very sorry that I am bringing such unfortunate news to AIDs who have been waiting for me for a long time.. I’m sorry.

I was unable to participate in activities as a member of DIA due to continuous knee pain I have suffered from due to osteomalacia in my knee. I have been receiving treatment at the hospital, so I have gotten much better. However, the doctors said it would be difficult for me to continue with activities in DIA, and I thought over it a lot, and I talked it over again and again with our agency and members, and we have come to the decision that I will no longer partake in DIA’s activities. While being a member of DIA, I have learned so much from my fellow members, and we have laughed and cried together, sharing more good times than bad ones…

This is something I’ve prepared for and dreamed of for a long time, so having to leave like this makes me so upset and this is very hard on me. All of the warm words of comfort and encouragement AIDs have sent me have all been such a big source of energy to me, and your generous love has been something I could hold on to when I was struggling.

I’m so sorry that this letter will be my last as DIA’s Jenny. I’m so sorry that I had no choice but to make this decision.. Thank you for giving me precious memories and moments I will never forget.

Eunice, Hyuhyeon, Jueun, Chaeyeon, Yebin, Eunchae, Somyi… My members who are like family to me and who make me tear up just thinking about you.. I’m so sorry and I’m so grateful.. and I will always support you. I’m sorry for not being with you till the end. To our DIA members, MBK family, and loving AIDs who always helped me grow and move forward, once again, I’m sorry. I will never forget all the love you have sent me.

Please keep showing your support for DIA. I will support them too along with AIDs. I will come greet you often, not as DIA’s Jenny, but as Lee So Yul (Jenny’s real name)! Please give So Yul your support too. Thank you for all of your support till now.

We wish Jenny all the best on her recovery and we wish all the best for DIA as well!

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