3 Things To Look For In OCN’s “Watcher,” Premiering Tonight

Ahead of tonight’s premiere of “Watcher,” starring Han Suk Kyu, Seo Kang Joon, and Kim Hyun Joo, OCN has released a list of what you can’t miss in the drama.

“Watcher” is a thriller about two police officers and a lawyer who are all connected through a tragic incident. The three form an internal anti-corruption team to root out corruption in the police force.

A new psychological thriller from OCN

OCN has been at the forefront of the growth of genre pieces in K-drama, and they are back with a new thriller. The drama takes on the not-oft handled perspective of internal investigators, who engage in lonely work, generally regarded as enemies by their colleagues.

Within the anti-corruption team, whose job is to doubt everyone, each member carries their own ambitions and beliefs, which will inevitably clash. The drama will examine the lines between “good” and “evil” and justice.

Director Ahn Gil Ho said, “The drama focuses more on people and the relationships between them rather than the specific incidents. One incident can be seen in a variety of ways depending on the perspective of the character, which will be an interesting aspect of the drama.”

The convergence of Han Suk Kyu, Seo Kang Joon, and Kim Hyun Joo

The three actors play a police officer who has witnessed corruption (Han Suk Kyu), a police officer who has witnessed murder (Seo Kang Joon), and a lawyer who has witnessed lies (Kim Hyun Joo). They unite as a team to uncover the truth and are forced to keep each other in check. The chemistry between these heavy-hitters will definitely be something to watch for.

The director of “Stranger (Forest of Secrets)” and the writer of “Good Wife”

Anticipation is high for the meeting of director Ahn Gil Ho of “Stranger” and writer Han Sang Woon of “Good Wife.” Director Ahn Gil Ho said, “The incidents don’t bury the people. I focused on looking deeply into the inner workings of the characters.” Writer Han Sang Woon commented, “People’s ambitions, and the hostility and conflict between those people as they try to fulfill their desires. That’s the focus of this thriller. Every single character has their own ambitions, and the way each goes about realizing their desires is different. I worked hard to [realistically portray] the characters according to their personality and circumstance.”

“Watcher” premieres tonight (July 6 KST) at 10:20 p.m.

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