5 K-Pop B-Sides That Deserve The Full Title Track Treatment

Sometimes you fall in love with the title track only to hit the next track thinking, “NO, THIS IS IT. What were they thinking?” Well, same here. Don’t get me wrong; I love all the title tracks, but these five b-side tracks deserve the full title track treatment.

1. GOT7 – “The End” (끝)

“Eclipse” works as a moody dance track, but “The End” (끝) is dreamy, sleek, and sophisticated — exactly the kind of catchy dance track GOT7 can pull off perfectly. Written and composed by Jinyoung, “The End” features ethereal vocals and his trademark sad lyrics. It’s the type of sad song that you love to put on repeat at night.

2. (G)I-DLE – “Say No”

Senorita,” a fierce Latin dance track released in February, came a bit too early for me, but I loved the snapping, horns, and catchy lyrics all the same. However, “Senorita” reminded me too much of “Hann” without the effortless angst and power we’re used to from (G)-IDLE. “Say No,” on the other hand, reveals a side of (G)-IDLE we haven’t seen before: vulnerable, confused, and heartbroken. The sultry chorus paired with the R&B beats and timely ethereal echos will send chills down your back.

3. AB6IX – “Absolute”

Rookie boy group AB6IX’s debut song “Breathe” gives us retro vibes and teal aesthetics, yet I can’t stop dancing to “Absolute.” Former Wanna One members and now AB6IX members Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi crafted the lyrics to this aggressive hype track with a sick drop.

4. DreamCatcher – “Diamond”

Unlike “Piri,” DreamCatcher doesn’t need saving in “Diamond.” Although “Piri” fits their signature upbeat, electro-rock sound, the lovesick lyrics can’t compare to those of “Diamond.” As DreamCatcher sings about being unbreakable, untouchable, and irresistible like a diamond in the tropical electro-rock dance track, you can’t help but feel the same way too.

5. TWICE – “Girls Like Us”

As much as I love TWICE’s black outfits and catchy chorus in “Fancy,” the more experimental sound and inspirational lyrics in “Girls Like Us” left me wanting more promotion from the electro-pop whistle-laced confection. Charli XCX’s production, Jihyo’s lyrics, and TWICE’s breathy chorus make “Girls Like Us” a favorite.

I know most of the promotions for these songs are over, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. These B-sides are simply too good!

Which K-pop side tracks do you think should’ve been title tracks? Let us know in the comments below! 

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