MC Ding Dong Denies All Claims After Being Booked For Suspicions Of Assault

MC Ding Dong was recently booked for suspicions of assault and has denied all accusations.

On July 9, it was reported that MC and comedian MC Ding Dong (born Heo Yong Woon) has been booked for assaulting an MC trainee “A.”

At Mapo Police Station in Seoul, “A” stated, “I was the victim of Heo Yong Woon’s habitual assault and insults.” “A” recently filed a complaint to this police office, where this case is currently being investigated. According to “A,” he went to a bar with Heo Yong Woon in 2017, where the MC threw a mic at him, grabbed his hair, and slapped him.

During a phone interview with Seoul Shinmun, “A” said, “While I was working with Heo Yong Woon from May 2017 to last March, I took care of his driving, luggage, and other chores. I even became his designated driver at night, and I would wait for him when he went drinking after filming to drive him home.”

“A” also stated that MC Ding Dong did not appropriately compensate the MC trainees who worked with him over the years. He shared, “If I began work at 1 p.m., it would be 3 or 4 in the morning once he was done drinking. After taking a nap in the car, I would go to work again. I endured the pain thinking I would be able to learn how to become an MC, but I decided to report him as my situation failed to get better even with time.”

He continued, “When Heo Yong Woon came off stage and there were no cigarettes ready or we did something he did not like, he grabbed our heads or swore at us. He put us in charge of deeds that were completely unrelated to work and even made me look after his kids. I believed his words that he would make me into an MC, but in reality I worked as his manager for two years and didn’t even make any money in the process. Since he is so popular among MCs, there are many trainees who seek him out.”

In his phone call with Seoul Shinmun, MC Ding Dong said, “I have no memory of assaulting ‘A,’ and I thought of him as family. I have never employed ‘A’ to work as my manager. I only gave him the opportunity to observe MC work so him could learn from it. Although I did not pay him, I bought him food and gave him shoes and clothes that I didn’t wear.”

MC Ding Dong continued, “Although ‘A’ says he didn’t learn anything about being an MC, I connected him with many events. ‘A’ secretly took photos of us drinking, and he is threatening me to pay him 30,000,000 won (approximately $25,400) for his work.”

Additionally, in his phone call with Star Today, MC Ding Dong commented, “I have never assaulted ‘A.’ It is true that ‘A’ completed some odd jobs to help me, but he said that he would so he could learn the work. Then one day he came asking for 30,000,000 won (approximately $25,400) for compensation of his work. Although he submitted a complaint to the Labor Administration, there was no validity as he worked voluntarily, so he made up the assault and insults [to add validity].”

Due to this issue, MC Ding Dong has already gone through a round of police investigations. He shared, “I went to the police station a month ago and was investigated. However, I have not received any contact regarding the matter. I have countercharged ‘A’.”

MC Ding Dong started off as a comedian from SBS and has since participated as an MC in various showcases, press conferences, and other entertainment-related events.

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