Update: Mnet’s New Survival Program “World Klass” Reveals 8th Trainee J.YOU

Updated July 17 KST:

The seventh trainee has been unveiled for “World Klass”!

Check out a photo of J.YOU, a rapper from Korea:

Updated July 16 KST:

Upcoming survival program “World Klass” has unveiled the next trainee!

Jae Yun is a vocalist from Korea.

Check out his image below:

Updated July 15 KST:

The next trainee has been revealed for Mnet’s survival program “World Klass”!

Taichi is a vocalist from Japan.

Check out his profile image below:

Updated July 14 KST:

The fifth trainee for “World Klass” is Korean trainee Ji Su!

He is skilled in both dancing and singing. Take a look at his profile image below:

Updated July 13 KST:

Kyung Ho has been revealed as the fourth trainee for “World Klass”!

Kyung Ho is from Korea and his strengths lie as both a dancer and vocalist.

Check out his profile image below:

Updated July 12 KST:

The third trainee has been revealed for “World Klass”!

Robin is a rapper from Australia.

Check out his profile image below:

Updated July 11 KST:

“World Klass” has revealed the second trainee who will be participating in the survival program!

Chi Hoon is a Korean trainee who is skilled at rapping, singing, and producing.

Take a look below!

Original Article:

The first trainee has been revealed for the upcoming survival program “World Klass”!

20 trainees from various countries including Korea, Japan, China, the United States, and Australia will be competing to become a part of the final 10-member group TOO, which stands for “Ten Oriented Orchestra.”

Filming is taking place in Seoul, New York, and Los Angeles, and famous international producers and artists along with Korean mentors and guests will participate in the program. The show is set to premiere in September.

On July 10, “World Klass” introduced the first trainee Chan, who is Korean and skilled in rapping, dancing, and producing.

Check out his photo below!

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