Actor Oh Seung Yun Booked For Aiding And Abetting Drunk Driving

Actor Oh Seung Yun has been booked for aiding and abetting drunk driving.

On July 11, his agency released the following statement:

Hello. This is Oh Seung Yun’s agency T&I Cultures.

The agency has found out that Seung Yun aided and abetted the drunk driving of “A,” a female he was in a car with in Seo District of Incheon on [June] 26. As a result, Oh Seung Yun was booked without detention on charges of aiding and abetting drunk driving and received questioning at the Incheon Seobu Police Station.

Oh Seung Yun said, “I tried to stop her, but it is completely my fault for eventually not having been able to stop “A” from drunk driving,” and added, “I am deeply reflecting and diligently participated in the police investigation.”

Oh Seung Yun will participate in the police investigation and will humbly cooperate with the results.

We express apologies for causing trouble to fans with an unfortunate incident.

Oh Seung Yun debuted in 1994 at the age of 3 by dubbing the role of young Simba in “Lion King” and continued his career as a child actor. He recently starred in “The Last Empress,” and his new drama “Melo Is My Nature” is set to premiere on July 26. He is also on the MBC dating show “Love Me Actually.”

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