JYP Issues Warning Of Legal Action For Malicious Comments After Notice About TWICE’s Mina’s Health Concerns

JYP Entertainment issued a statement to address malicious comments after today’s notice about the health concerns of TWICE’s Mina.

The statement is as follows:

Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.

We have confirmed that the malicious posts and comments about Mina’s health status (which a notice was issued about today) and about other members in relation to this are severe enough that they are libel and defamation of character of the artists.

As we have stated in previous notices, such actions can severely damage the artists’ reputations and characters, and therefore we inform you that we will immediately be seeking out all available legal actions, including civil and criminal cases. We inform you that in addition to writing posts, the spreading and sharing of posts will also be the subject of the same actions.

We ask for fans to submit such content, and just as recently there has been a consolidation and increase in legal punishments for such cases, we say again that we will continue to take the best measures for our artists’ protection.

Thank you.

On July 11, it was announced that Mina will not be taking part in the group’s world tour due to extreme anxiety and insecurity about performing on stage. Medical professionals are currently being consulted to verify the cause, and she will be taking time for rest and treatment.

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