Idols Who Look Bewitching With Their Purple Hair

Idols have tried hair styles using all the colors of the rainbow, and purple is no exception! Despite purple being a daunting color to try, idols have managed to pull it off while managing to look absolutely stunning.

Here are some idols that look like they’ve sprung out of a fairy tale with their beautiful purple hair color!

BTS’s Jin

Jin is the latest BTS member to go purple! On July 1, Jin shocked fans at London’s Wembley Stadium concert with his completely new look.

Trying out a bright purple hair color for the first time since debut, Jin captivated fans with his stunning visuals. The new style was made even more meaningful for ARMY as purple signifies BTS’s growth.

Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene has already taken on numerous concepts and managed to awe fans with each one.

In 2016, Irene dyed her hair a deep purple during “Russian Roulette” promotions. Her dark hair color contrasted perfectly with her porcelain skin.

TWICE’s Dahyun

During “Yes Or Yes” promotions last year, Dahyun showed off a fairy-like charm with her purple gradient hair.

Her colorful hair perfectly reflected her refreshing charms, making her shine even brighter!

IZ*ONE’s Jang Won Young

Jang Won Young also dyed her hair purple for IZ*ONE’s “Violeta” promotions.

Not only was her hair color a perfect match for their song, but it also showed off her shining visuals.

NCT’s Jaehyun

Recently, Jaehyun captivated fans by changing his hair color from pink to purple.

Fans were excited to see that Jaehyun was able to look just as stunning in purple as any other shade of hair color.

BTOB’s Sungjae

Sungjae is another idol that isn’t afraid to try various hair colors, especially since he pulls them all off stunningly!

His numerous hair colors have been a perfect match for his versatile talents.

SHINee’s Taemin

During “View” promotions, Taemin sported an unforgettable lilac shade for his hair.

The soft color accentuated his equally soft and beautiful features, giving him a dream like image!


VIXX has tried all sorts of shocking concepts, and hair color has been an essential part of their look!

During promotions for “Dynamite,” N pulled off a beautiful plum purple color hairstyle that looked particularly stunning on stage.

MONSTA X’s Wonho

Wonho is another idol that’s gone for a more vibrant shade of purple!

The dark purple strengthened his presence on the stage, making him look even more powerful while dancing!

The Boyz’s New

The Boyz’s New is also staying trendy with his new purple hair color.

The bright and colorful hairstyle adds to his youthful image while still managing to keep an air of grace.

HOTOSHOT’s Ha Sung Woon

Despite his latest comeback track being titled “Blue,” Ha Sung Woon has dyed his hair a beautiful deep purple.

His purple hair is the perfect finishing touch to bring out the blue in his music video. If you haven’t already, catch his latest comeback MV here!

NU’EST’s Ren

When unit group NU’EST W made their last comeback of 2018 with “Help Me,” fans were delighted to see Ren sporting purple hair.

He even stole people’s hearts at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards, with many asking who “purple hair guy” is.

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