10 Affordable K-Fashion Brands To Refresh Your Wardrobe This Summer

Did you already renew your summer wardrobe? While you definitely don’t need to get hundreds of new pieces of clothing every season, we can’t help but treat ourselves to a few items to play around with during the hot-weather days.

Don’t know about you, but over here, we’re obsessed with what idols wear, from when they’re at the airport to when they’re performing live, and while we definitely can’t afford all of the clothes they own, there are some affordable K-fashion brands and stores out there we look up every time we feel like adding some new statement pieces to our closets. Feel like taking a look? Here are some of our favorites!


Kooding was born as a way to connect people from all around the world with Eastern trends. Shipping to over 70 countries, this brand has a collection that is constantly being updated, and you’ll find items for every taste. From fun dresses to skirts, bags and shoes, you’ll find everything you need on their website at accessible prices. On the platform, you’ll see everything from new brands to renowned ones and trends that cover urban, minimal, and classic/modern styles.


Looking for items to fit into the “simple/comfy/cute” category? Look no further, because you’ll find what you’ve been looking for at 66girls. Affordable, all-ages-welcome, cool-girl-vibes clothes are a must here, and we’re all in for it. Based in Korea, where they find curation inspo in the style of girls in Seoul, here’s where you need to search if you’re on the hunt for some of Korea’s most loved trends.


At Miamasvin, you’ll find that sophisticated-yet-cool-and-quirky outfit your wardrobe has been craving. This is where you find that perfect, multifaceted office look that can turn into a night-out-with-the-girls one. It’s only a matter of you navigating the website for a couple minutes to find yourself thinking you NEED everything they have, because it’s just too good to be true.


Simplicity. That’s what Naning9 is amazing at. But by that, I don’t mean plain t-shirts and straight pants — although they carry those too — but more of an eclectic, modern, normcore vibe that some of us simply love. Affordable prices, quality fabrics and silhouettes for everyone, it‘s easy to get your shopping cart full after just a couple minutes.


A K-fashion lover’s favorite and for good reasons. Stylenanda is not only popular for their incredible store/cafe in Seoul, but also their fun, urban, retro designs that some consider to be the perfect combo between Seoul streets and LA beaches. While the prices are a little higher than their counterparts, they’re still on the affordable wagon, both with their clothes and makeup items. Stay tuned to their social media channels, as a few times throughout the year, they run a free worldwide shipping event!


Ruffles, prints, flowers, textures. IMVELY carries the spring wardrobe lover’s dream. From light dresses to blouses and cute, porous matching sets, this is the brand you need to know in order to keep your summer wardrobe on point. From a day at the park to an afternoon meeting or a coffee date, you’ll find an outfit for all of them here.


Aland is the cool kids’ brand. Simple lines, bold designs, a little bit of a retro look mixed with the best of street inspiration. At Aland, you’ll find everything from simple items to runway-worthy ones. Fun fact? Many idols are fans of the brand! They carry hundreds of different lines from indie Korean designers, reason why you’ll find unique, original pieces at their stores. If you live in NYC, you can find one of their flagships in Williamsburg!


Simple statement pieces is what you’ll find at DarkVictory. With a focus on the textures and the design itself, this is the brand for all those on the hunt for affordable, chic-looking clothing that’s gonna look fancy without breaking the bank.


For the girl who’s not afraid of going a little further, Mixxmix is full of fashion gems. Here’s where you’ll find that shirt, skirt, pair of pants, or just the accent that will turn your outfit from street to runway. Fun designs, cool prints, and a little touch of urban style on the majority of their collection, enter the Mixxmix world and leave it looking fab and ready for the picture.


Considered by many to be the American Apparel of Korea, Chuu is an ode to fun, modern basics. From your regular colored T-shirt to A-line skirts, color block items and monochromes, at Chuu you’ll find your wardrobe MUSTS for the season.

Have you ever bought anything from these brands, Soompiers? Do you have a favorite?

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