Update: 100% Members Enlist For Military Service

Updated August 26 KST:

100%’s Hyukjin has now enlisted in the military, becoming the final of the group’s members to do so.

He wrote in a letter to fans on August 26:

Hello, this is 100%’s Hyukjin.

Today I’m saying to PERFECTION what I’d have to say one day.

I’m enlisting in the military today, August 26. You may be very worried, but I think that you’ll support me just as much too.

I’ll come back safe after thinking about your support and kindness.

It’s a time that could seem both long and short, but although I’m leaving our PERFECTION’s side to protect the country and then return, it is the duty of all South Korean men so I will bravely fulfill my military duty and come back. I ask for your prayers and support.

I’ll go and come back while being grateful and happy to be able to protect the country where the people who love me and the people I love live.

I love you.

Updated July 22 KST:

100%’s Jonghwan has now also enlisted in the military.

On July 22, Jonghwan enlisted for his mandatory military service at a training center in Nonsan. He will be serving as an active duty soldier after his five weeks of basic training.

He shared a photo of himself on 100%’s Instagram with the caption, “Do I look okay too? It was a sudden announcement but don’t feel so sad, everyone. I’ll come back soon. Bye, Perfection.”

On his own Instagram, he posted a video of himself shaving his hair for the military and also a photo of his hug with Hyukjin!

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잘 다녀 올게요!! 고마워요

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100% members Rockhyun and Chanyong have enlisted in the military.

On July 15, Rockhyun and Chanyong enlisted at basic training centers in Cheorwon and Inje, and they shared posts on social media for their fans PERFECTION.

Rockhyun showed off his new haircut at the salon and he wrote on Instagram, “I’ll come back in good health.”

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몸 건강히 다녀올게요 ?

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Chanyong shared a handwritten letter on Twitter. He wrote:


This is 100%’s Chanyong. You might be surprised by the sudden news, but I’m enlisting on July 15 at the 12th division Eulji Recruit Training Center in Inje in the province of Gangwon.

I’ll work hard to adjust to the new environment and fulfill my military duty until the end, so please look forward to the day we meet again!

Since my debut on September 21, 2012 until now, I’ve gone through a lot of things and ran while only looking straight ahead. I think this will be an opportunity for me to look back on myself again.

If you’re worried, don’t be too worried. Because I won’t get hurt and I’ll return in good health! I’ll get through my military life while thinking of the times I’ve spent with PERFECTION.

I’ll return in good health as a cool guy. Thank you, and I love you, PERFECTION.

From, 100%’s Chanyong.

The 100% Instagram shared a photo of the pair with the caption in English, “How do you think of our hair? It suits us well right? We will come back safe and sound! PERFECTION everyone, take care. See you soon.”

On the day before, 100% spent time with their fans at their fan meeting titled “2019 100% Last Fan Meeting in Seoul.” The group previously announced that the members are planning to enlist in the second half of this year. Chanyong and Rockhyun will both be serving as active soldiers following their basic training.

We wish them a safe service!

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