“Running Man” PD Talks About Overseas Popularity, Casting Jun So Min And Yang Se Chan, And More

SBS’s hit variety show “Running Man” is already in its ninth year after premiering in 2010, and the PD (producing director) Jung Chul Min recently sat down for an interview to share his thoughts on the show’s past and future.

Jung Chul Min has been with the show for six years and was a big part of their turnaround after “Running Man” almost came to an end in early 2017. As the cast and crew approach their ninth anniversary, Jung Chul Min spoke about their group’s big fan meeting, scheduled for this August.

As a fan meeting for a variety program is rare, Jung Chul Min was asked how such an event came to be. He answered, “After thinking a lot about the positive aspects of the program, I came across a video of their fan meeting in Southeast Asia and found it really fun. Although the program is very popular overseas, the fact remains that it originates from Korea. While talking with Yoo Jae Suk, we officially decided to do one. We do not know when ‘Running Man’ will end, but we started this project for many reasons like to remember all the times we sweat together, to create a collaborative project, and to repay the love from the fans.”

He added, “I get shocked every time we film overseas. An unbelievable number of fans come to the airport. They even ask for autographs from me. It is already unreal that the cast of a Korean variety show can go overseas and perform a concert for over 10,000 people. We are thankful. It makes me think ‘Running Man’ has grown to be an incredible program.”

When asked who he would like to invite as a guest, he answered, “I went to Lee Kwang Soo‘s movie premiere and met Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung briefly. I told them to come out to the show once, and I really hope they do.”

Regarding the addition of Yang Se Chan and Jun So Min, Jung Chul Min stated, “I was the one to first mention that I wanted to add two new cast members. I thought that the chemistry between the cast was most important, so I recruited people with that in mind. I can’t say I wasn’t concerned at the beginning, but both Yang Se Chan and Jun So Min showed courage. I thank Lee Kwang Soo a lot for that. In order for the two to join with ease, he met up with them a lot on his own time.”

He continued, “Jun So Min did well every time she came out as a guest. She has an unbelievable clumsy charm. Yang Se Chan improvises well and is very considerate. If he was too competitive from the start, it could’ve hindered the group’s chemistry, but he was very polite and thoughtful. He blends in well no matter which member he is with. Although some think he doesn’t stand out as much as Jun So Min may, he meshes well with the group, and I am thankful to him for many things outside the broadcast.”

At the question of whether he has plans to add any more members, Jung Chul Min shared, “I don’t think it’s right to solve everything by adding members without planning. If we cannot inspire viewers by working our best with our current system, I would leave first. We would have to start fresh with new directors.”

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