Watch: IU Gives Her All In Intense Action Scenes + Yeo Jin Goo Plays Cute Jokes In “Hotel Del Luna” Making Film

tvN’s new drama, “Hotel Del Luna,” has released a behind-the-scenes video of its lead cast!

“Hotel Del Luna” is a fantasy horror romance about an elite hotelier named Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) who is forced to manage Hotel del Luna, a hotel for ghosts that is owned by the beautiful but ill-tempered Jang Man Wol (IU).

The video released on July 17 shows IU practicing her action scenes as Jang Man Wol. In a scene that will be used as a flashback to her character’s mysterious past, IU puts on period-era clothes and learns how to fight with swords.

Not only does she do take after take to get the action scene movements correct, she also volunteers to be strapped to wires for a particularly epic shot.

The video also shows behind-the-scenes moments from the shoot in which Goo Chan Sung meets Jang Man Wol for the first time. Filming in beautiful costumes in a deserted subway car, Yeo Jin Goo and IU joke around about how to catch the mosquitoes that are flying around.

When the shoot moves to a dumpling restaurant, IU focuses on filming her eating scene while Yeo Jin Goo secretly sticks his tongue out at her and playfully gestures to the camera to keep it a “secret.”

Later, IU films another intense scene on the street as her character gets stabbed. She showcases her charismatic gaze in rehearsals, but when Yeo Jin Goo comes in for his line, she starts laughing and says, “Please speak more softly.”

Check out the cute making film below!

You can watch the latest episode of “Hotel Del Luna” with English subtitles here:

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