7 Times K-Pop Idols Serenaded Us With Amazing Disney Covers

Who doesn’t love a good Disney song? Many of us grew up listening to Disney’s dreamy melodies as we delved into their exciting fictional stories, and it’s even thrilling to see some of our favorite childhood tales being rebooted into live-action movies and bringing back the tunes that we used to jam to back in the day.

Some amazing K-pop idols have covered a few of Disney’s greatest hits, giving us the chance to enjoy these songs all over again. Needless to point out the obvious: these stars slayed every note! While I’d love to include them all, some songs were covered more than once, so here are just a few favorites.

1. AKMU – “Love Is An Open Door” from “Frozen”

The Lee siblings are widely known for their enchanting vocals, and their take on the “Frozen” soundtrack was so fun and bubbly that you could vividly visualize the movie scene as they performed their duet.

2. Ailee – “Let It Go” from “Frozen”

One of Korea’s best powerhouse vocalists slayed again with her perfect rendition of “Let It Go,” with every high note sending chills down people’s spines. This is truly a stage to remember!

3. gugudan – “Part Of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid”

gugudan took this cover game to the next level with their captivating acapella version of the Disney song. Their voices harmonized effortlessly while they charmingly recreated a few details from the respective scene.

4. Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri – “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana”

There is no telling how far Lee Hae Ri’s high notes can go, and we don’t mind finding that out every time she lends her soulful vocals to a song (just like when listening to her beautiful reprise of this Moana hit!)

5. DreamCatcher’s Siyeon – “Speechless” from “Aladdin”

Following Siyeon’s passionate and stirring performance, it is fair to say that her striking delivery has left me (and perhaps you too) utterly speechless. In fact, the official Disney YouTube channel even gave her a round of applause in the comment section! This sweet ballad is a change from DreamCatcher’s usual rock vibes, and has us anticipating more mellow tracks in the future.

6. Jeon Jiyoon & BTOB’s Changsub & Eunkwang – “A Whole New World” from “Aladdin”

Throwback to Changsub and Eunkwang’s rookie days, rocking this performance alongside labelmate and former 4Minute member Jeon Jiyoon. It goes without saying that this trio’s harmony on stage is simply epic!

7. Matilda – Disney Medley

This quartet fully immersed themselves in their rendition by cosplaying the Disney princess that fits their chosen song. From a second feature of “Part Of Your World” and “Let It Go” to a fresh entry with “When Will My Life Begin” from “Tangled” and “Beauty And The Beast” from the movie of the same name, this incredible cover definitely ends the list on a high note!

Which Disney cover is your favorite? Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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