Watch: TXT Gives BTS A Surprise Backstage At Their Chicago Concert

The July 18 episode of Mnet’s “One Dream.TXT” featured TXT checking out BTS’s concert in Chicago at Soldier Field stadium, and then reuniting with the band backstage!

The rookie group was shown throughout the concert expressing their amazement at BTS’s performances, and they shared how BTS has been a source of motivation for them. Before they met BTS backstage, TXT agreed that they should bring something for the group, and they decided on recreating the famous sketchbook confession scene from “Love Actually.”

TXT waited nervously backstage for their label mates to arrive, but BTS greeted them loudly and warmly as they entered the waiting room. BTS and TXT then sat down together and talked about their concerts and showcases. TXT mentioning that 2,100 people came to their New York showcase made BTS look back on how they’d handed out flyers during “American Hustle Life” to get people to come to their U.S. show.

When J-Hope asked what TXT thought of BTS’s concert, Beomgyu replied, “The stage sets were so amazing.” Taehyun mentioned how Jungkook had “flown” over everyone during his solo song, and Jungkook joked, “I thought I was going to freeze to death then.”

After they chatted more, TXT announced that they’d prepared something for the group. BTS had funny reactions to their surprise sketchbook confession event, as Taehyun slowly turned the pages to share the message: “We’re in America, so we’ll say ‘Hello’ instead. Hello! How have you been? We missed you. We ate Chicago pizza too. The reason we’re writing this letter is we saw your amazing show and were really touched. It was amazing.”

As they began to wrap up the message, Taehyun revealed the page that read, “Ah, and also,” and BTS guessed that the next words would be “I love you.” Instead, the next message said, “We want to be friends with you” and asked when they’ll exchange phone numbers. BTS immediately agreed they should do that.

“Finally, we hope the rest of your concert tour goes well,” said their letter next, and the TXT members did a gesture to show they’re cheering on BTS.

BTS then got hit with that “I love you” they’d been expecting, which made them hilariously yell loudly. In the end, TXT gave the sketchbook to BTS, the two groups decided to make a group chatroom, and they took a photo together.

Jungkook then suggested they come up with a chant for their Big Hit family, and they all laughed as they went with Bang Shi Hyuk’s famous quote from his audition introduction, “Beat the opponent with rap, dancing, and singing skills!”

Watch the clip below with English subtitles:

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