Ong Seong Wu And Shin Seung Ho Face Off In Upcoming Drama “Moments Of 18”

JTBC’s “Moments of 18” has shared a new glimpse of the palpable tension between Ong Seong Wu and Shin Seung Ho!

“Moments of 18” is an upcoming drama about the emotions and struggles of teenagers at the tender age of 18, when even the smallest things can affect and leave a deep impression one’s emotional state.

Ong Seong Wu will star in the drama as Choi Joon Woo, a lonely transfer student who has a hard time expressing his feelings and opening up to others, but who is internally strong and has an unexpected cute side. Shin Seung Ho will play the role of Ma Hwi Young, a seemingly perfect model student with a hidden dark side.

On July 19, “Moments of 18” unveiled a sneak peek of the uncomfortable dynamic between the two characters. One newly released still from the drama shows the two students awkwardly confronting each other outside of school, while another features Ma Hwi Young looking surprised to see Choi Joon Woo show up in his work uniform at the former’s after-school academy.

Another set of photos captures a tense standoff between the two classmates, with the normally expressionless Choi Joon Woo glaring angrily at Ma Hwi Young. Meanwhile, the icy look in Ma Hwi Young’s eyes hints at the secret darkness hidden inside the outwardly well-behaved and well-mannered student.

The producers of “Moments of 18” remarked, “The conflict between Joon Woo and Hwi Young, two immature and passionate 18-year-olds, will end up influencing both of them and leading to a big change.”

They added, “[Choi Joon Woo and Ma Hwi Young’s] transformation and growth will be incredibly relatable, so please keep an eye on their story.”

“Moments of 18” premieres on July 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, check out a trailer for the drama below!

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